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A recent traffic accident on the Florida Turnpike has taken the life of a pedestrian.

According to the Florida Highway Patrol (FHP), the pedestrian was hit by multiple cars during the early-morning accident. It all happened in the northbound lanes right by Southwest 40 Street. All of the cars that were involved remained at the scene of the accident. Morning rush hour traffic was rerouted. The pedestrian wasn’t carrying any identification with him and officials have not identified him yet. None of the motorists involved suffered any injuries.

Our Palm Beach pedestrian accident lawyers understand that pedestrians throughout the South Florida area face some serious risks for traffic-related accidents. Unfortunately, Florida continuously ranks as one of the top states for these kinds of accidents. Within the state, our area is ranked as one of the most dangerous for pedestrians year after year. Many of these accidents can be avoided by one of two things; more driver awareness and smarter pedestrian travel. We’re here to offer both parties some travel tips to help to reduce the risks.

Travel Tips for Pedestrians:

-Make your moves predictable. You never want to walk along freeways or any restricted zones.

-Whenever there is a sidewalk, use it!

-Only cross the streets where it’s legal. Use an intersection or a crosswalk.

-Walk so that you’re facing oncoming traffic.

-Dress so that drivers can easily see you. Wear brightly-colored clothing.

-When walking at night, make sure you have a flashlight and you have reflective tape adhered to your clothing.

-Make eye contact with passing drivers before you try to cross the road. Most drivers are actually pretty nice. The problem is that they’re not always paying attention.

-Just as you shouldn’t drink and drive, you should never drink and walk. Consuming alcohol hinders your ability to walk safely.

-Be super careful when your crossing higher-speed, multiple-lane streets.

Travel Tips for Motorists:

-Remember that pedestrians are everywhere here in Florida, even in areas where they’re not supposed to be. Always be alert.

-Sometimes pedestrians can be hard to see, especially at night and in bad weather. In these conditions, slow down and look out!

-When you approach a sidewalk, slow down and be ready to stop.

-Always stop for pedestrians in a crosswalk, even if it’s not marked.

-When stopping at a crosswalk, make sure that your car is behind the white lines.

-Never overtake or attempt to pass vehicles that are stopped for pedestrians.

-When turning, be on the lookout for pedestrians who are crossing the street you’re turning on to.

-Pay extra attention when traveling near neighborhoods and schools!

If we all work together, we can help to reduce the risks of traffic-related pedestrian accidents. We can all make Florida safer for all travelers.
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A recent accident in St. Lucie County between a van and a 14-year-old pedestrian ended fatally, according to the TC Palm.

Officers report that they believe that the 53-year-old driver of that van may have been under the influence of prescription drugs at the time of the accident. It all happened on Palm Drive. The van driver slammed into the young pedestrian and then reportedly attempted to leave the scene of the accident. Luckily, there were witnesses who followed the driver and officers were later able to apprehend him.

One of the reports concludes that officers are investigating the accident as a “negligent manslaughter,” but other sources are reported that the sheriff’s office has not “decided that the motorist will be charged with negligent manslaughter.”

Our St. Lucie pedestrian accident attorneys understand that young pedestrians are at some serious risks for accidents on our roadways. These young travelers don’t always understand the workings and the dangers that are associated with motor vehicle traffic. As kids are celebrating their summer breaks away from school it’s important for parents and guardians to talk with their young ones about these risks. You can help to keep them out of harm’s way by talking with them about safe traveling habits, whether they’re walking or biking. Teach them safe pedestrian habits now. They’re habits they can carry with them for a lifetime.

“Due to the suspicion of Mcinerney’s impairment being chemical in nature, it was decided that charges would be pending until the results of the toxicology report of his blood draw were complete,” said one of the accident reports. These kinds of tests can take weeks.

The number of pedestrian accidents across our state are increasing with each passing year. Florida continues to lead the nation as the state with the most pedestrian accidents. Recent statistics illustrate that there was a near 10 percent increase in the number of pedestrian accidents from 2009 to 2010.

Young Pedestrian Safety Tips:

-When crossing the road, be sure to do so at a street corner or at a crosswalk.

-Always look both ways before starting to cross the road.

-Never allow a child under the age of 10 to walk near motor vehicles without a supervising adult.

-Always wear bright clothing to help make sure that motorists see you.

-When there are sidewalks nearby use them.

-When there are no sidewalks, walk away from traffic and walk facing oncoming traffic.

-Never dart out into the road from near parked cars. Motorists may not see you.

-Always make eye contact with nearby drivers before crossing the street to make sure that they see you.

-Avoid walking at night, but if you have to then carry a flashlight.
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In a recent pedestrian accident in Tamarac, a pedestrian was killed while trying to cross one of the busiest roads in the area.

The tragedy occurred when the Florida man walked into the southbound lanes of the Florida Turnpike, according to the Sun Sentinel. Florida Highway Patrol officials are saying that it happened just before 10:00 a.m. near the exit of Commercial Boulevard.
Because of the accident, three southbound lanes of that part of the Turnpike were closed.

Our Tamarac pedestrian accident lawyers understand the risks that pedestrians face. Our two-footed travelers are vulnerable when walking in our South Florida area. As a matter of fact, the state and our area of it serve as one of the most dangerous areas in the country for these kinds of accidents. Pedestrians are asked to be cautious when walking near vehicular traffic. They’re also asked to stay away and off of the Turnpike as well as other popular roadways. These kinds of accidents can be avoided with responsible travel habits. Consider following the tips below to help to make your on-foot travel a little bit safer.

To help to keep pedestrians safe, Broward County officials offer the following safety tips:

-Try to stay along roadways where sidewalks can be found. Avoid walking along the portion of a roadway paved for motor vehicle traffic.

-If there is no sidewalk available, be sure to walk on the side of the road facing traffic.

-No pedestrian should walk upon a limited access facility (freeway or interstate highway) or a ramp connecting a limited access facility to any other street or highway, as stated by Florida law.

-When walking during the evening, be sure to steer clear of vehicular traffic. During this time you always want to wear brightly-colored clothing to help motorists to see you more easily. Consider adhering reflective tape to your clothing or carrying a flashlight to increase visibility.

-Avoid wearing headphones, listening to music, talking on a cell phone and text messaging. Just as distracted driving is dangerous on our roadways, so is distracted walking.

-Try to cross the street at intersections.

-Make eye contact with drivers before attempting to cross the road to help to make sure that they see you.

-Avoid drinking or taking drugs. These substances can impair your ability to walk safely, just like they do a person’s ability to drive.

Unfortunately, pedestrians are oftentimes overlooked on our roadways. All in all, we ask pedestrians to make their moves as predictable as possible and to make themselves as visible as possible. We can’t always rely on other travelers responsible habits to keep us safe. We’ve got to be proactive travelers ourselves and work to make our roadways safe for everyone.
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An elderly pedestrian was killed after she was hit by two vehicles in a Fort Lauderdale pedestrian accident. The woman was walking home from a friend’s house, heading across West Davie Boulevard, when she was hit by the first vehicle. After being hit the first time, a second vehicle ran over her as she was lying on the road, according to 7NEWS. Reports indicate that the first driver remained at the scene of the accident, but the second driver fled after getting out of his vehicle for a brief moment. The 70-year-old pedestrian was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident. The victim’s family is hoping that the second driver’s conscience will tell him to do the right thing and turn himself in. Officers are asking residents for any information. They’re searching for a silver F-150. The driver has been described as an elderly man and witnesses report he had gray hair and was wearing a white shirt. If you have information, please call Broward County Crime Stoppers at (954) 493-TIPS.

“I would tell this gentleman, picture your mother laying on the floor and she’s been struck by a car and somebody hit her for a second time and looking at her and driving away. How would you feel?” said the victim’s son.

Our Fort Lauderdale pedestrian accident lawyers understand the obstacles that elderly residents face in the city. Unfortunately, many of these obstacles can produce deadly results, like fatal pedestrian accidents. Our city was designed for fast-moving traffic. Studies have proven than elderly residents need more time to cross the street. It’s just a fact of life. What’s sad is that motorists in the area aren’t being courteous and aren’t offering these elderly pedestrians with the time and compassion they need. Motorists and pedestrians, both young and old, are asked to travel safely and to travel together. With teamwork, we can help to reduce the risks of these kinds of accidents.

“We’re going to see lots more people living to 85 and beyond,” said David Goldberg of Transportation for America. “The impact of having designed our communities so totally around being able to drive for your every need is going to be felt in a very significant way.”

According to Transportation For America, people over the age of 64 account for less than 13 percent of the country’s population. Still, these residents account for more than 20 percent of pedestrian fatalities.

We can only expect that number to grow. As the near 80 million Baby Boomers graduate to that 65 and older age group, we’re going to see more elderly pedestrians on our roadways. As a matter of fact, the 2010 census predicts that the growth in the percentage of middle-aged and elderly people will be much higher than those of 45-years-old and younger. By at least 2030, officials predict that the 65 and older age group will account for about 20 percent of the country’s population.

Just as children, these elderly residents need more caution and care. This is especially important when they’re walking or biking near vehicular traffic. Help to keep our grandparents safe and practice safe, cautious and courteous driving habits on our roadways.
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A recent hit-and-run car accident in Fort Lauderdale left two pedestrians injured. According to the Orlando Sentinel, the accident happened on Northeast 4th Avenue in the early morning hours. One pedestrian, 40-years-old, was taken to Broward General Medical Center and was last listed in critical condition. A second pedestrian was injured after he was hit by the same car’s side mirror.

The female driver, 22-years-old, did not stop after the accident. Officers were able to locate and make an arrest after the suspect was followed by a witness. She is being charged with leaving the scene of an accident with bodily injury and careless driving. Authorities are awaiting the results of a DUI test as well.

As we recently reported on our South Florida Injury Lawyers Blog, Florida is the most dangerous state in the country for pedestrian accidents. Florida holds the four top slots for most dangerous metro areas. Pedestrian accidents cost the state millions every year. It’s estimated that about 9 pedestrians die every week in the state. In addition to these fatalities, it’s estimated that another 6 pedestrians are injured every day.

In more than half of all fatal pedestrian accidents, the driver is at fault.

There are a few simple safety precautions that drivers in Florida can take to help reduce their risks of being involved in an accident with a pedestrian. The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLDHSMV) encourages motorists of all kinds of to be cautious of our vulnerable pedestrians.

Safe Driving Tips to Avoid Pedestrian Accidents:

-Remember that pedestrians can be anywhere, even places where they’re not supposed to be found. Always keep an eye out for our on-foot travelers.

-Pedestrians can be difficult to see, especially when there’s bad weather or when it’s nighttime. During these times, slow down and keep an eye out.

-When driving near a crosswalk, slow down and be ready to stop.

-Always stop for pedestrians who are in a crosswalk, even if the crosswalk is not marked.

-When stopping for a pedestrian, stop well back so that other drivers will also be able to see them in time to stop, too.

-Never pass or overtake other cars that are stopped for pedestrians.

-When you’re making a turn, you have to wait for a “gap” in traffic. Remember that as you’re watching for the “gap,” pedestrians are looking for the “gap” as well.

-Be extra careful in residential and school areas where child pedestrians are likely.

-Never weave in and out of traffic when driving near areas in which pedestrians are likely. Not only does this increase your risks for a pedestrian accident, but it increases your risks for a car accident as well.

-Be careful when turning. Pedestrians can overlook your turn signals or may not recognize your desire to turn, always check and double check before making a turn.

-Be cautious when reversing, whether it be out of a parking spot or out of a driveway. Do so slowly and turn around constantly to remain aware of your surroundings.
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According to the Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) a fatal pedestrian accident in North Fort Pierce took the life of a 60-year-old as she tried to walk across U.S. 1 from St. Lucie Boulevard. Reportedly, the woman was crossing the street just before 7 p.m. when she was hit by a passing vehicle.

St. Lucie County Fire Rescue reports that the woman was transported to a local hospital where she was later pronounced dead. The fatal pedestrian accident is still being investigated by the FHP, reports News Channel 5. It has been confirmed that this was not a hit-and-run accident.

As we’ve previously discussed on our South Florida Injury Lawyers Blog, Florida was ranked as the most dangerous state in the U.S. for pedestrian accidents. Florida metro areas ranked in the top four spots for the most dangerous metro areas in the nation. In a nine-year study conducted by Transportation For America, the nation saw more than 45,000 pedestrians killed in traffic-related accidents across the country. During this same time period, Florida witnessed more than 5,000 of these pedestrian fatalities. These accidents cost our state well over $22 billion. What’s unfortunate is that many of these accidents are preventable with a little bit of driver and pedestrian awareness and courteousness.

According to See The Blind Spots, nearly 10 pedestrians die in the state of Florida every day. Six pedestrians are seriously injured in traffic-related accidents every day. The pro-pedestrian website, See The Blind Spots, also reports that 11 of the 25 most dangerous metro areas for pedestrians are in the state of Florida. More than 60 percent of the time, drivers are at fault in these fatal, traffic-related pedestrian accidents. There are a number of factors that contribute to these crashes, including driving under the influence, texting, speeding, failing to yield and even turning into the path of a pedestrian. While vehicles may be getting smarter, drivers, apparently, are not.

Pedestrian Safety Tips from See The Blind Spots:

-Remember to stay attentive and alert to surrounding traffic. Even pedestrians should refrain from engaging in distractions. Don’t cross the street until it’s safe in all directions.

-Always obey pedestrian traffic signals.

-Always look left, right and left again. Only when it’s clear in all directions should you begin crossing the street.

-As you’re crossing the street, continuously look for oncoming cars and vehicles that are turning “right on red.”

-Never assume an approaching driver can see you.

-Whenever there’s a sidewalk, use it. When sidewalks are not available, walk on the left side of the road facing oncoming traffic.

-Never attempt to cross an interstate, highway, expressway or turnpike.

-When out walking at night, you should always carry a flashlight or wear reflective tape on your clothing.

-Watch the alcohol you consume if you plan on walking. Drunk walking is dangerous, too!

-Always supervise children when crossing a road.
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A male pedestrian was sent to the St. Lucie Medical Center after a serious vehicle-pedestrian accident in St. Lucie. The man was hit by a dump truck early in the morning hours. Official report that the man is in his mid-60s and was last listed at the Medical Center in critical condition. The pedestrian-dump truck accident happened on the northbound lanes of U.S. 1 near Tiffany Avenue, according to the TC Palm.
Our St. Lucie pedestrian accident attorneys understand that pedestrians face some serious risks for accidents on our busy roadways. It is important for pedestrians everywhere to remember to be cautious when walking near traffic, especially when the traffic consists of vehicles as large as dump trucks. By following a few safe pedestrian tips, we can all do our part to help to prevent these types of devastating accidents.

Dump Truck Dangers:

-Catastrophic traffic accidents. The size and weight of these vehicles can mean accidents are deadly.

-Pedestrian fatalities. Pedestrians face little chance against these types of large trucks when they’re overlooked by a driver.

-Not only can resident pedestrians get run over by these utility vehicles, but truck employees run a significant risk of being run over or backed over as well.

-Pedestrians can get caught beneath a falling dump bed.

-These trucks can easily tip over and cause property damage, injury or death when the bed is raised.

-These trucks stand tall and run the risk of coming into contact with power lines when beds are raised.

By being cautious and alert around these types of large vehicles, we can all do our part to help reduce the risks of a potentially fatal accident. Pedestrians should never walk near these vehicles, but when you need to there are a few simple steps for you to follow.

Safety Tips for Pedestrians around Dump Trucks:

-Never walk near a dump truck.

-Stay away from active work sites.

-If you have to cross the road and a dump truck is nearby, be sure the driver sees you before stepping into the roadway.

-Never cross the street when you’re close to a dump truck. Always allow at least 10 feet between you and the dump truck.

-Steer clear of the trucks blind spots.

-Keep hold of small children when a dump truck is near.

Motorists should also be cautious of dump trucks. When traffic accidents involve these large vehicles, accidents can turn fatal in an instant. Never drive close to a dump truck. Allow these motorists with plenty of room. You also want to stay out of their blind spots. If you’re unable to see the driver, the driver is unable to see you. Drive cautiously through work zones. Don’t park close to dump trucks or work sites to avoid any accidental properly damage from loose debris or from a fender bender.
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A recent pedestrian accident in Fort Lauderdale on I-95, near Broward Boulevard, took the life of a pedestrian as the man attempted to cross the busy roadway to get help. The accident happened in the southbound lanes of traffic at roughly 7:30 p.m., according to 7NEWS. The man was crossing the street after his van broke down on the interstate. The driver who hit the pedestrian stayed at the scene until help arrived. Broward Sheriff’s deputies shut down traffic immediately following the accident.

“Too many cars were coming, and he still crossed,” the man’s cousin told the news station.

Our Fort Lauderdale pedestrian accident lawyers understand that breakdowns unfortunately happen and many times, motorists are left to fend for themselves on our busy Florida roads. This is the final entry of our 6-part blog discussing New Year’s resolutions travelers can make to help ensure the safety of everyone on our roadways. Florida State University is here to offer motorists a few safety tips to help prevent a motor vehicle or pedestrian collision after an unfortunate breakdown.

Safety tips for when your vehicle breaks down:

-Consider safety first for both you and your passengers. Vehicles are replaceable, lives are not.

-You should figure out if your vehicle is near any noticeable landmarks, such as road markers or sign, to help reference your vehicle’s location when calling authorities.

-If your car is breaking down, try to pull off the roadway as much as possible to the right and remain on ground level.

-If you can’t get your vehicle into a safe spot away from traffic and you think you and your vehicle are in danger of being struck by passing motorists, do not stay in the vehicle. Exit the vehicle and stand in a safe spot away from traffic.

-If you think your car is leaking gasoline, put out any lit cigarettes and get out and away from the car immediately.

-Never stand right in front of or behind your vehicle.

-You never want to risk injury by trying to push your car into a safe location.

-If you are unable to pull off of the road safely, be sure to use road flares, warning triangles or flashers directing traffic around your stopped vehicle.

-Once stopped, raise the hood of your vehicle and tie a brightly-colored cloth to either the door handle or to the antenna to make yourself more visible to passing traffic.

-Call for help immediately. Call from inside your car if you’re in a safe spot. Call from outside your vehicle if your car is in danger while standing in a safe area.

-If your car is in a safe spot, stay inside!

-If you don’t have a cell phone on you and have to ask a stranger for help, have them notify emergency personnel for you.

We are asking all Floridians to make one of their New Year’s resolutions to be a safe traveler. Remember to be courteous while passing others who may have broken down on our roadways. Safer roadways start with you. Have a safe and Happy 2012.
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We typically see a drastic increase in the number of car accidents in Vero Beach and elsewhere throughout the last quarter of every year and through the holiday season. These accidents don’t always happen on streets though, as many of them occur on driveways and in parking lots, too.

The National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that the U.S. Department of Transportation is pushing on in its campaign to require the installation of rear-view cameras on all new-model vehicles. Drivers’ blind spots hinder the visibility of pedestrians behind a vehicle. The use of back-up cameras will help a driver to see behind the vehicle and pedestrians before it’s too late. Still the most beneficial safety precaution to avoid one of these accidents is driver awareness.

Our Vero Beach pedestrian accident attorneys understand that nearly 300 people die and another 18,000 injured because of back-over accidents in the U.S. every year. As Christmas and New Year’s draws closer, millions of people will be traveling throughout our state to attend holiday gatherings with family and friends. As we visit and friends’ houses and shopping malls statewide, drivers are urged to be extra cautious when backing out of the driveway or out of a parking space as pedestrians are oftentimes overlooked.

“There is no more tragic accident than for a parent or caregiver to back out of a garage or driveway and kill or injure an undetected child playing behind the vehicle,” said Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood.

The larger the vehicle, the bigger the blind spots are. While the NHTSA is looking to push these back-up cameras to help prevent accidents, driver awareness is still the most effective preventative measure to avoid a back-over accident. Even with cameras, an inattentive driver can miss a passing pedestrian.

Of the near 300 fatalities that are estimated to occur every year because of back-over accidents, nearly 230 of them were committed by the drivers of vehicles that weigh less than 10,000 pounds. More than 40 percent of these victims were pedestrians under the age of 5, which is alarmingly high for any type of accident. Nearly 35 percent of the victims were pedestrians who were 70-years-old or older.

For this reason, families are urged to discuss these incidents with their elderly and children family members. To help to prevent these accidents, drivers are urged to be extremely cautious when reversing a vehicle, but especially when reversing out of a driveway or from a parking spot. Make sure that you look completely around your vehicle before jumping in and reversing. For drivers with larger vehicles, you’re urged to roll down your windows before backing up so that you can hear what’s going on outside your vehicle. Lastly, remember to always back up slowly just in case someone darts behind your vehicle unexpectedly.
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Motorists, pedestrians and state officials may overlook the violence and gore of some of today’s most popular video games reaching audiences around the world, but one video that’s not getting the stamp of approval is the video on a new website and safety program called “See the Blindspots.”

One Florida Senator says he’s offended by the safety program’s depiction of pedestrian accidents in Wellington and elsewhere. “See The Blindspots” says the campaign is doing exactly as it’s supposed to and raising awareness about the severity of the problem. Unfortunately, Florida continues to be the number one state for pedestrian fatalities and safety advocates are taking a bold step to reverse the trend.
The pedestrian video shows numbers of people being brutally hit and run over, some through no fault of their own, but through the carelessness of drivers. Florida State Senator Mike Fasano says that the video is effective, yet disturbing and should not be accessible on a website that is reachable by viewers of all ages.

Our Wellington pedestrian accident lawyers understand that this controversial video depicts some of the real life dangers that pedestrians face in our state. Many of these pedestrian accidents are caused by distracted drivers, those who just aren’t paying attention at the wheel.

Still, with all these fatal accidents and this graphically disturbing video, Florida lawmakers have yet to enact legislation to regulate the use of a cell phone or text messaging devices for drivers. Florida is one of the last states in the nation that has done nothing to regulate these dangerous driving behaviors — even among teen drivers.

To help to spread the word about the risks associated with distracted driving, the new “See The Blindspots” website aims to serve as a clearinghouse for data regarding pedestrian accidents in the state. The video that Senator Fasano objects to is posted front and center on the site’s homepage.

Florida State Representative Irv Slosberg refuses to give into the criticism however. He says that as brutal as this video is, Florida drivers need to see it. It’s the cold-hard truth our state faces every day. Slosberg recently lost his daughter in an accident. He says that the graphic content of the video is warranted given the nature of both the state’s pedestrian accident problem and the statistics on pedestrian-vehicle accidents in Tampa.

According to the website, there were nearly 500 pedestrians killed on Florida roadways in 2009. Both Georgia and Texas followed with more than 300 fatalities each. Both states have seen significant drops in fatality numbers in recent years — but not Florida.

“We’re going backwards instead of forwards. A lot of it has to do with driver distraction: cell phones, texting and driving,” Rep. Slosberg.

The U.S. sees about nine pedestrian fatalities a week. Florida accounts for 10 percent of these deaths.
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