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AAA Helping Elderly Drivers to Find the Perfect Car

About 90 percent of drivers who are over the age of 65 report that they’re suffering from health issues that affect their driving safety.

It’s important that these older drivers are equipped with a vehicle that fits them, meaning a vehicle that is comfortable and safe for a a driver who may have a lack in muscle strength or flexibility. According to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, only about one out of every 10 elderly drivers with health issues is driving a vehicle that adapts to their condition, meaning it has keyless entry or a large display of dash controls.

To help seniors behind the wheel, officials with AAA have updated their Smart Features for Older Drivers resource. It now better addresses these kinds of issues for those conscious of their health issues and the impact on their driving. AAA decided to launch this resource in partnership with the Institute for Mobility, Activity and Participation with the University of Florida back in 2008. In the most recent update, the feature points out vehicles than can help to improve the safety of elderly drivers along with their comfort behind the wheel. There’s even a list of these vehicles. It also provides these drivers with an online tool to help them to determine their needs from a vehicle.

Our Margate personal injury attorneys understand that there are roughly 10,000 individuals who are celebrating their 65th birthday in the U.S. each and every year. We also know that there are families throughout the state who are coping with these age-related driving problems. According to Robert Darbelnet, CEO and President with AAA, the Smart Features resource can help to keep elderly drivers safe behind the wheel for longer.

Conditions commonly experienced by elderly drivers:

-Limited range of motion.

-Leg pain.

-Hip pain.

-Arthritic joints.

-Diminishing vision.

-Delayed reaction abilities.

These conditions not only affect a driver’s comfort behind the wheel, but they greatly increase the risks for accidents.

The truth of the matter is that everyone ages differently. It’s important that we all look for a vehicle that fits our needs. Like for drivers who suffer from leg issues, they should look for a vehicle that comes equipped with six-way adjustable power seats.

Drivers that have arthritic hands should look for thick steering wheels, four-door cars, keyless entry systems and cars equipped with plenty of power features, like powered seats and mirrors.

Drivers who have sight problems should look for vehicles that have auto-dimming mirrors as well as large displays on the dashboard.

If you have an elderly driver in your family, help them determine the best vehicle fit for them. Elderly drivers may not always be aware of the newer technology available in motor vehicles and they may not know how it can help them. Sit down and talk to them about their issues they’re having behind the wheel. Help to solve these issues by finding a vehicle more suitable for their needs.

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