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Broward Trucking Accident Safety: Advocates Urge Size Reduction

In the United States, Congress has the authority to make laws that impact the trucking industry. Historically, federal regulations have worked towards motorist safety by minimizing load size, limiting the number of hours a driver can be behind the wheel without rest, and reducing truck speed in some areas. Nationwide, drivers and trucking companies are responsible for negligent accidents that result in thousands of injuries and deaths every year.

Safety advocates are now urging Congress to take additional action to increase safety for other motorists and passengers on the road. Our Fort Lauderdale truck accident lawyers are committed to investigating truck accidents and will take every necessary step to hold negligent truck drivers and trucking companies accountable for injuries and wrongful death.

If passed by Congress, the Safe Highways and Infrastructure Preservation Act (SHIPA) would place tighter restrictions on the weight and size limits of trucks and pull trucks that are currently over the weight limit. A national poll shows that 68% of Americans are opposed to heavier trucks on the road. The poll, conducted by Lake Research Partners also indicates that 88% of Americans do not want to pay higher taxes to compensate for damage caused by trucks. Advocates for harsher regulations believe that new restrictions will curb dangerous conditions as well as prevent future accidents that result in personal or property damage.

It is no secret that big business has pull in Congress. Safety advocates worry that the interests of corporations and shipping companies have taken precedence over the safety of individuals on the highway. As most drivers already know, trucks on the highway can be distracting and intimidating, especially when traveling at high speeds. Even if you are traveling in a large SUV, driving next to an 18-wheeler can make you feel powerless.

Many critics, especially the families of trucking accident victims, believe that the trucking industry is winning over safety and thousands are paying with their lives. Increasing weight load limits means choosing profit over the safety of the millions of Americans who share the highway with 18-wheelers and other large trucks.
Every year, thousands are impacted by deadly truck accidents caused by negligent driving, inclement weather, oversized loads, fatigued drivers, and other dangerous conditions caused by semi-trucks on the freeway. There are over 4,000 deaths caused by trucking accidents ever year. According to reports, half of truck drivers have admitted to falling asleep while behind the wheel.

If you or someone you love was involved in a semi-truck accident, it is important to consult with an experienced advocate and investigation team as soon as possible. Truck accident claims can be extremely complex, involving large trucking companies, state and federal laws, and competing versions of the facts. Organizing and preserving evidence at the outset is the best way to protect your rights and maximize your recovery after an accident.

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