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Are Your Medications Setting You Up for an Accident?

A vast majority (about 80 percent) of drivers who are 65-years-old and older are taking medications on a regular basis. Unfortunately, only about half of them have talked to their doctor or another medical professional about the problems that these medications might give them behind the wheel.

Now, there is a new way for you to get this information. It’s the “Roadwise Rx” tool. It’s online and it can give you custom information regarding the medications you take and what negative affects they might have on your driving abilities. It was created and developed by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, according to Consumer Affairs.

Our Fort Lauderdale car accident attorneys understand that’s it’s not only your doctor-prescribed medications that you have to worry about messing with your driving skills. You need to worry about over-the-counter medications as well! Drivers are urged to check out this new tool from AAA to make sure that none of their pills are putting them at serious risk for a car accident. If your medications are going to alter your ability to drive, then you need to either avoid the medication, find alternatives or gain thorough understanding of possible side effects so you can best manage your risk.

What this tool does is it helps to generate information regarding the medications or the herbal sublimes and foods that you’re consuming and how they’re reacting with each other to affect your driving.

“Roadwise Rx lets users move beyond the old-fashioned ‘brown bag’ review with an easy way to virtually pool together their medications and talk to their doctors,” said Beth Mosher with AAA.

Because of chronic medical conditions, older drivers are oftentimes subjected to a number of medications on a daily basis. There are certain types of medications that can increase your risks for an accident by more than 40 percent. Some ingredients in over-the-counter medications can have some of these same affects. Some cold and allergy medications have ingredients in them that can hinder your ability to drive as much as someone who is legally drunk!

According to the most recent research, one out of every five elderly drivers is taking at least five different medications at one time. As the number of elderly drivers continues to increase — with more than 10,000 turning 65 every day — there are going to be more drivers out there who may not be aware of how their prescriptions are affecting them behind the wheel. Roadwise Rx is going to help drivers of all ages to learn more about these affects and how to stay safe on our streets.

In 2020, officials say that one out of every six people is going to be 65-years-old or older. Most of these individuals will be licensed and driving, too!

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