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Back to School: Bus Safety Tips in South Florida

Whether you are sending your kindergartener on the school bus for the first-time or you are a veteran parent this back-to-school season, you should always remind your children of the importance of bus safety. Often it is the chaos of the new school season, distractions, insecurities, and excitement that can leave children vulnerable to dangerous traffic and bus accidents.

As the summer draws to a close and you help your child pack their bags for school, take the time to remind them of bus safety tips to help protect them this season. Our Fort Lauderdale bus accident attorneys are experienced in handling complex cases involving injury and bus fatality. While not every accident is preventable, we are dedicated to raising driver and student awareness when it comes to bus safety.

Here are some tips from the National Safety Council to keep your children safe while waiting, riding, or exiting a bus.

Stay alert. Children should remember to stay alert when walking to the bus stop or when waiting on the curb. This means no texting or iPods when walking, a serious hazard which has led to countless accidents, injuries, and fatalities on the road.

Leave enough time. Running out the door late can create stress and make children vulnerable to accidents. When they are running late, they may not be paying attention to the very serious dangers when crossing streets or trying to catch a bus.

Stay away from the street. Children should be advised to stay away from the street when waiting for the bus. Morning traffic can be unpredictable and high speed. A child playing in the street or distracted could be a victim to a dangerous traffic accident.

Stay 12 steps from front of bus so driver can see you. Children should learn to remain 12 steps ahead of a bus when crossing in front of it. Children who are too close to the front of the bus may not be seen by the driver and could be struck when the bus is pulling out.

Know drivers name and bus number. Bus riders should know their bus drivers name and their number. This will always ensure that your child is on the right bus and make it easier to report any misconduct or bad driving behavior.

Wait for a complete stop. Children will often run hurriedly to a bus to get on first or see their friends. Remind your children to wait until the bus comes to a complete stop and the door opens before stepping towards the bus. Children may not realize how long it takes for a bus to stop completely.

Find a seat quickly and don’t yell. Children should find a seat and sit down quickly, before the bus is in motion. While it is okay to laugh and talk quietly with other students on the bus, children should avoid sudden movements, yelling and other distractions that could impact the driver’s abilities.

Keep hands and arms inside the bus. This may be a rule that children forget when they are away from parents, but they should always keep arms, heads and feet inside the bus. Many children do not realize how close a bus will travel to signs other vehicles, or objects that could cause serious injury.

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