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Beach Accidents in Fort Lauderdale and Elsewhere Likely during Summer

It’s officially the summertime and both residents and visitors of the area will be flocking to our sandy beaches at every spare moment. During this time of the year, our beaches can be a lot of fun but they can also be very dangerous. For this reason, we’d like to discuss some beach safety pointers to help to reduce the risks of a needless beach accident in Fort Lauderdale and elsewhere.

The Greater Fort Lauderdale area has nearly 25 miles of sun-kissed beaches, which are all just a hop, skip and a jump away from local restaurants, hotels and other fun activities but they’re also one wrong move from a hospital room.

Our Fort Lauderdale accident attorneys understand that this is a fun, and dangerous, time of the year. Both residents and visitors are urged to be cautious when visiting our sandy beaches. There are a few simple beach safety tips and rules that can help to keep your and your family safe during your summer’s beach excursions. Be sure to review the following and to share them with your loved ones to help to keep everyone safe.

Beach Safety Tips:

-Always stay within 50 yards of the shoreline. Remember that the ocean’s current can pull you out to sea in the blink of an eye. Stay near the shore and near other people.

-Never swim alone.

-When possible, swim within areas that are covered by lifeguards.

-Always obey instructions from lifeguards.

-Keep your alcohol in designated areas.

-Landscape materials are meant to make the beach even prettier. Help to protect its environmental integrity. Do not affix any items (hammocks, bicycles, beach chairs, etc) to plants or trees along our beach.

-Keep vehicles off of the beach, in most areas it’s forbidden.

-Keep an eye on where pets are and are not allowed.

-Refrain from feeding the birds.

-When in the water, be on the lookout for boats, jet skis and other personal watercraft. While they’re supposed to be looking out for you, you can’t always rely on others. Be aware of your surroundings at all times.

-Do not stand on the rocks in or around the water. These rocks can be very dangerous and can contribute to some serious injuries.

-Beach goers are only allowed to snorkel within 50 yards of the shoreline.

-Be sure to only surf and skimboard in permitted areas.

-Remember that all surfboards and bodyboards must be used with a leash to prevent injury to others.

-Glass containers are strictly prohibited on our beaches.

Beach-related injuries can result from a number of scenarios. Beach goers are encouraged to make sure that their belongings are properly secured. Oftentimes gusts of wind can pick up and carry items along the shore line, posing serious risks for other beach goers. Always be cautious of your surroundings and make sure that you keep safety as a number one priority this summer. It’s not a bad idea to slap on some sunscreen either. Get out there, have fun and be safe.

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