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Fatal Car Accident in Lake Worth Urges Officials to Push Distracted Driving Regulations

Florida lawmakers are at it again; pushing for a law to ban the use of a cell phones and texting for drivers in the state. A recent fatal car accident in Lake Worth brings up the topic once again after a 35-year-old was who was believed to have been texting while driving caused a fatal accident on Interstate 95, according to WPTV.

Florida State Representative Irv Slosberg of District 90 says that this is just another example of why we need to ban drivers in the state of Florida from texting while operating a motor vehicle.

Our Miami car accident attorneys have previously reported on the dangers of using a cell phone and texting while driving, yet Florida lawmakers have failed to pass any legislation governing the distracting behavior. Florida is one of the only states that has no law regulating the use of a cell phone or a text messaging device by drivers. Government officials continue to push the law, but have yet to have any luck.

“Sounds logical right? Wrong,” Rep. Slosberg said. “It’s not so easy to get done.”

Careless driving, which includes using cell phones or texting behind the wheel, was ruled one of the top causes for fatal car accidents in Palm Beach County in 2010. It was the number one cause of deadly crashes in Broward County.

Rep. Slosberg is putting all of his efforts into getting a law passed in the state to stop distracted driving altogether. He’s starting his plan by attempting to make it illegal for newly-licensed drivers to engage in these habits while behind the wheel of a motor vehicle. He believes that’s a good place to start since he doesn’t expect the state to accept a full ban any time soon.

“It takes persistence and persistence,” said Rep. Slosberg.

Other states that have already banned texting while driving for young drivers typically hand over a $150 violation to those who are busted breaking the law.

Slosberg isn’t the only one trying to get states to enact some sort of cell phone and texting ban. The Governors Highway Safety Associations is also at it. The Association recently released a summary of its findings, Distracted Driving: What Research Shows and What States Can Do, regarding the consequences of distracted driving. GHSA reviewed more than 350 articles regarding the effects and the risks of the behavior. It has also come up with a number of countermeasures that local and state governments should consider when attempting to regulate road safety.

GHSA suggests that state and local governments consider these countermeasures:

-Enact a law that would prohibit texting for all drivers.

-Enact a full cell phone ban for novice drives.

-Enforce current cell phone and texting laws.

-Make it a requirement for all persons to complete a distracted driving communication programs before becoming eligible for a driver’s license.

-Suggest ways for employers to create and enforce distracted-driving policies and programs in the workplace.

Until the state of Florida enacts a cell phone law to regulate any sort of driver distraction, drivers will be responsible for governing their own actions. Hopefully we can all make wise decisions behind the wheel and put down the cell phone while driving.

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