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Bicycle Accidents in Fort Lauderdale Send Off 1,500 Mile Ride

To help to raise awareness about the risks of bicycling accidents in Fort Lauderdale and elsewhere, Hector Picard, a bicyclist who lost both of his arms in an accident back in 1992, is setting out on a journey from Fort Lauderdale all the way to New York City on his bicycle. The ride is not only to draw attention to the dangers bicyclists face on roadways nationwide, but to also help to raise money for other physically challenged athletes, according to the Sun Sentinel.

He is expected to complete his close to 1,500 mile journey on the 10th of June.

“If I can inspire people along the way, it’s a great thing,” said Picard.

Our Fort Lauderdale bicycle accident lawyers understand that there were nearly 100 bicyclists killed on Florida roadways in 2010. In addition to these fatalities, there were nearly 5,000 bicyclist injuries, according to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV). Florida is one of the most dangerous states for these kinds of accidents year after year. The truth of the matter is that these kinds of accidents can be avoided with bicycling education. It’s clear that motorists have little to no consideration for our pedaling friends and we need to take safety into our own hands to help to avoid these kinds of accidents.

Bicycle Safety Tips from the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT):

-Bicyclists are to ride with the flow of traffic. Never ride facing oncoming traffic. When bicyclists drive facing oncoming traffic, their risks for accidents increase by nearly 20 percent. This is likely because motorists don’t expect traffic, bicycles or not, to come from the opposite direction of traffic flow.

-When riding between sunset and sunrise, bicyclists are required by law to equip their bike with a light on the front of the bike. These front white lights must be visible from 500 feet. In addition to the front light, bikes are required to be equipped with a rear lamp giving off a red visible light that can be seen from 600 feet.

-Riders who are under the age of 16-years-old are required to wear a helmet that has been properly fitted, fastened and one that meets federally recognized standards.

-All bicycles must have a regular, fixed seat designated for riding.

-There may be no more than one person on a bicycle that is designed for just that — one person.

-Ride in a single-file line.

-Adult bicyclists are allowed to carry children with them in a sling, a backback or a child seat that is designed for young riders.

-Bicyclists are required to always keep at least one hand on the handlebars at all times.

-Every bicycle must have a brake or brakes that can allow riders to stop within 25 feet from traveling at a speed of 10 mph.

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