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Bicycling in Palm Beach: An Even Mixture of Benefits and Risks

Bicycling may be getting trendier and trendier with every passing day. Just look outside. There are more residents hopping on and pedaling away to get to where they’ve got to go. According to the Network of Employers for Traffic Safety (NETS), there are a multitude of reasons why biking is catching on so quickly.

But are they really all positive ones or are we seeing more risks for accidents now?

Our Port St. Lucie bicycling accident attorneys understand that first and foremost, most bicyclists are out there pedaling because it’s one of the best ways to boost your health and fitness.

The state of Florida offers bicyclists with nearly 365 days of prime bicycling weather. Still, it is estimated that about 80 percent of residents aren’t getting the 30 minutes of moderate activity that they need at least 5 days a week. As a matter of fact, inactivity is the cause of about 10 percent of all deaths and an additional 25 percent of all chronic disease-related deaths.

Bicycling does more than help our insides though. It also helps to improve the environment. Each and every day, motor vehicles burn up millions of barrels of oil. All of these barrels are non-renewable energy just gone! POOF! The good news is that bicycles require none of this energy. Each bicycle ride helps to reduce these gases that would otherwise be released into the atmosphere and it’s also helping to get riders healthy!

Bicycling also comes with a social responsibility. With more bikers in the area, communities get a healthy sense of identity and it helps to attract more business, employees and tourists to the area.

Florida is one of the most common places to find bicyclists. As a matter of fact, it’s also one of the most common areas to find bicycling accidents. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), there were nearly 85 bicyclists who were killed in the state of Florida in 2010. Our state came in at second place for the deadliest for these kinds of accidents, only behind the state of California, which reported 99 bicyclist fatalities.

Most of the bicyclists who were killed in traffic accidents were male, accounting for more than 85 percent of all of these bicycling fatalities. Most of these bicyclists were also between the ages of 45- and 54-years-old. The second most affected group was those between the ages of 25- and 34-years-old.

Drivers in the South Florida area are asked to be cautious. Cyclists are provided with virtually no protection in the event of an accident with a passenger vehicle. Keep your eyes on your surroundings, especially when making turns or when reversing. Taking that extra second to scan for bicyclists can help to save lives.

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