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Burn Injuries From Fire-Related Accidents in Coconut Creek Are Costly, Requires Experienced Law Firm

As part of National Fire Prevention Week our personal injury lawyers in Coconut Creek, Weston, Hallandale Beach and elsewhere want to remind residents to take fire prevention seriously. A fire can not only cause widespread property damage, but also severe and extremely painful burn injuries. The commemorative week was established as a remembrance of the Great Chicago Fire in 1871 that lasted almost two days, killed more than 250 people, burned more than 2,000 acres, and left 100,000 people homeless.

Recovery from a burn injury in Port St. Lucie or elsewhere can often be lifelong and require extensive medical treatment for scarring or rehabilitation. If you have suffered a burn injury from an act of negligence caused by someone else, contact an accident attorney to help you work through the complexities of the case.

First, it is important to understand the varying degrees of a burn because the higher the degree, the more severe the injury and the more complex it will be to determine proper treatment. According to Advanced Healing Institute, the most common types are first-, second- and third-degree burns. Severity is often determined by the depth of the injury or even the mass of body size that it covers. First-degree burn is when the outermost surface of skin is damaged but is still intact. Second-degree burns are more severe and break into the second layer of skin, or the dermis. The development of a blister is an indicator of a second degree burn. A third-degree burn is slightly more severe, as the burn destroys the first two layers of skin and has a full-thickness. A fourth-degree burn penetrates to deeper levels affecting muscles, bones, tendons and internal organs.

The American Burn Association reports that there are approximately 450,000 burn injuries annually that require medical treatment. On average, there are approximately 3,500 deaths per year as a result of residential fires, car and aircraft crashes or contact with chemicals, hot liquids or electricity. Specialized burn centers average about 200 admissions per year which has grown in recent years. Approximately 42 percent of burn injuries needing to be admitted to a hospital are caused by fires and flames. The majority of fires take place in a residence but 10 percent occur at work.

According to Web Health Centre, burns are dangerous when excessive amounts of fluid are lost and cause victims to go into shock. The first 48 hours for a burn victim are the most critical because of rapid fluid loss. Many burns can become infected if not treated properly, and severe burns usually leave scarring and cause some restriction in movements.

Minor burn injuries can be treated at home by running cool water over the burn or applying a cold compress to the burned area of the skin. To help prevent loss of fluid or infection, cover the burn loosely with a bandage or non-stick gauze. Burns typically are pretty painful so over-the-counter medication can be administered if the pain persists. It is extremely important to see a physician for severe burns or if an infection develops from a minor burn.

If you have been severely burned by a defective product or a burn-related accident outside your home in Delray Beach, Hollywood, Miami or the surrounding areas, contact the accident attorneys at Freeman, Mallard, Sharp & Gonzalez, LLC for a free appointment to discuss your case at 1-800-561-7777.

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