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Bus-Car Accident in Fort Lauderdale Traps Man in Vehicle

A recent accident in Fort Lauderdale on Broward Boulevard left a man trapped in his car. He was extracted from his vehicle by emergency response teams with Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue, according to the Sun Sentinel. The accident involved a passenger vehicle car and a Broward County Transit bus. The man was taken to Broward General Medical Center.

Accidents involving trucks, buses and other commercial vehicles can produce some catastrophic results. These larger vehicles carry some serious weight, power and strength. Accidents involving these vehicles unfortunately produce deadly results oftentimes. Drivers are urged to practice safe and responsible driving habits when traveling near these vehicles. Drivers are to practice very different and specific driving habits when traveling near commercial vehicles than when traveling near only other passenger vehicles.

Our Fort Lauderdale car accident lawyers understand that our roadways are busy during this time of the year. Students are off of school and tourists are still trickling in to catch some Florida sun. We’re asking all drivers to keep safe driving habits as a number one priority no matter where they’re driving to and no matter how far they’re traveling. Safe driving habits can save lives. That’s why we’re here to offer you some safe driving tips to help you to navigate safely around commercial buses, school buses, emergency vehicles, other large vehicles and our busy Florida traffic on our roadways. Listen up!

When driving near school buses and county buses:

-Remember that these school buses carry very special cargo, our children. It’s important to be extra cautious when traveling near these vehicles, especially when they’re picking up or letting off kids. Allow these vehicles with plenty of space, always travel slowly near them and keep an eye out for children nearby. When traveling near commercial passenger buses be cautious and never follow too closely. These vehicles make frequent stops along our roadways and can be a serious hazard if you’re not paying attention.

When traveling near emergency vehicles:

Remember that the number one rule is that when you see one of these vehicles nearby with their emergency lights and/or their sirens activates, you’re required to pull as far to the right as possible and stop. Remember that you’re always supposed to yield to the right of way for these vehicles (at intersections and other road crossings). Help to help our neighbors and get out of these vehicle’s way when you see them coming. Be cautious of nearby traffic while doing this. You don’t want to cause another accident.

When traveling near tractor-trailers and other large, commercial vehicles:

-Be sure to steer clear of these vehicles. You never want to travel too closely to these vehicles. They take longer to stop that our small, passenger vehicles. It’s also important to stay out of these vehicles’ blind spots. If you can’t see a driver then the driver can’t see you!

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