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Dangerous I-95 Interchange Claims Another Life

After a recent traffic accident, a barrier wall was left with a gaping 10-foot hole. One person was killed in this accident, and it wasn’t the driver of the truck. According to the Sun Sentinel, repairs on the Interstate 95 barrier could not be made until after the hydraulic fluid that leaked from the truck was cleaned up.

The accident happened at the tri-level interchange at State Road 84 and Interstate 95. This area has a history of traffic accidents. The accident caused a headache for commuters, causing delays during the morning rush hour for hours. Firefighters, paramedics and tow wrecks were all on the scene. It happened at about 5:30 a.m.

Our Fort Lauderdale accident lawyers understand that our roadways, especially the Interstate and the turnpike, can be dangerous and confusing. This is especially true for unfamiliar drivers and those driving large or unfamiliar vehicles. Unfortunately, it’s us who are in passenger vehicles who experience a brunt of the injuries.

The victim in this accident was a passenger in the truck. The 43-year-old man was pulled from the cab during rescue efforts. He was pronounced dead at the scene. The driver was treated for cuts on the knee, reports Broward Health Medical Center.

The north side of the barrier on 84 will need extensive repair. It has been delayed as inspectors with Florida’s Department of Environmental Protection found the hydraulic fluids near the scene. The fluids leaked into the grassy area located next to 95.

So far, only sheets of plywood cover the hole and cones are helping to direct traffic. That’s the best way officials can work to direct traffic while repairs await.

That particular interchange has two flyovers. Unfortunately, it’s an odd ramp with warning signs, concrete barriers, signals and turns. It’s been the site of many accidents since it was first opened back in 1990. The barrier’s walls are scarred with tire and paint marks.

Back in 2008, there were 3 men in a passenger vehicle who were killed in an accident when the driver failed to make that very same westbound turn. That car flipped over the wall and fell down onto 95.

Last year, a 23-year-old driver was attempting to get off on the southbound ramp of I-95, he slammed into a wall and fell to the road below. That driver survived, but was severely injured.

“You have to go very slow,” said Fort Lauderdale Police Detective DeAnna Garcia.

We understand that our roadways can get a little hectic. There’s traffic heading in every direction at some of our interchanges. We’re asking you to be on your best behavior behind the wheel to help to reduce your risks of an accident. Travel cautiously, know where you’re going and stay one step ahead of the traffic around you.

If you or a loved one has been involved in an accident, contact Freeman, Mallard, Gonzalez & Sharp for a free and confidential consultation to discuss your rights. Call 1-800-561-7777.

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