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Defective product injuries in South Florida a holiday risk

The risk of defective product injury in Fort Lauderdale and throughout South Florida increases through the holidays, particularly when it comes to small children.

Our injury lawyers in Coral Gables, Hollywood, and throughout the region, wish each of you an enjoyable holiday season. But we also urge you to take special care when it comes to reducing the risk of serious or fatal injuries caused by defective products.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission reports that toy recalls are declining even as the number of injuries has increased. Yet, even by its own admission, an average of one popular toy a week is recalled in this country because of its risk for serious or fatal injuries. And the government is not counting items made for children, such as strollers and cribs, of which more than 100 different products have already been recalled thus far in 2010.

The government is working to establish better safeguards after a rash of toy recalls involving lead paint and other hazards in 2008. The results are a decline in the number of recalled toys. So far this year, 44 toys have been recalled, compared to 50 recalls last year and 172 in 2008.

Still, 12 children died last year as a result of injuries involving toys and 24 children died in 2007 and 2008. Thousands of other kids were injured. In fact, the government reports the number of toy injuries continues to increase. Last year, nearly 200,000 emergency room visits involved toy injuries to children under the age of 15, compared to about 150,000 in 2005.

“By limiting metals and chemicals in toys and making the voluntary standard mandatory, CPSC has put safeguards in place for toys to better protect children,” said Chairman Inez Tenenbaum. “The increase in injuries is a concern, and we want parents to make safe purchases and for children to be safe at play. To help keep what has been called the most wonderful time of the year happy and incident-free, CPSC is encouraging consumers to adopt a three-pronged safety approach.”

A list of recalled children’s products in Florida is available here.

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