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Drive It Home Encourages Parents To Help Teens Avoid Car Wrecks

Car accidents are the leading cause of death for young drivers, and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration indicates that drivers ages 16-19 are three times as likely to get hurt in a crash as compared with other drivers. In many cases, teens are more prone to accidents because they don’t know how to drive very well, are inexperienced or make bad choices to do unsafe things.

Our Fort Lauderdale car accident attorneys know that kids tend to mimic the driving behavior that they see from their parents. In fact, a study from the University of Michigan Transportation Research Center revealed that parents have a significant impact on how their kids drive.

With parent involvement making such a big difference, it should come as no surprise that research from the Allstate Foundation revealed that the majority of parents both regretted not monitoring their teen drivers better and regretted not spending more time teaching their kids to drive.

Parents Express Regret on Failing to Provide Safe Driving Guidance
According to the National Safety Council (NSC), the recent Allstate Foundation study revealed that:

  • Almost half of all parents responding to the survey wished that they had monitored their teenage driver more closely after the teen got a license.
  • More than half of teen drivers said they wish they had more driving time behind the wheel with their parents.
  • Two-thirds of parents wish they had spent more time teaching their teen driver how to drive effectively in high-risk situations.
  • Nine out of ten parents indicate that it is important for their teens to learn how to manage night time driving. However, one in three reported not covering this subject with their teen.
  • Around 30 percent of parents said they weren’t setting ground rules to prevent dangerous driving behaviors like night time driving or driving with too many other passengers in the car.
  • Most parents- around 75 percent- are not aware that driver inexperience is the leading cause of teen car wrecks. The majority incorrectly believe that risk taking is the major reason for auto accidents involving teens.
  • 64 percent of parents said they were looking for resources and help in managing their teenager’s driving experience.

To help parents and kids get on the same page and to make it easier for parents to be effective in teaching their kids driving safety, The Allstate Foundation and the National Safety Council have now launched the Drive It Home Initiative.

The Initiative will help parents to better educate their teenagers on safe driving by providing parents with important educational resources. The NSC website has tips for parents about safe driving and there is a Drive It Home Show coming to multiple cities throughout the United States including Fort Myers Florida.

Hopefully, the efforts of Drive It Home can help to prevent deadly teen car accidents that put the teenager as well as other drivers and passengers in danger.

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