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‘Move Over’ Campaign Helps to Reduce Car Accidents in South Florida

As we recently reported on our South Florida Injury Lawyers Blog, officers throughout the state of Florida were using the month of February to help raise awareness about Florida’s Move Over Law and to bust disobeying drivers. Throughout the month, officers were targeting drivers who weren’t moving over on our roadways for police cars and other official vehicles that were working roadside with their lights flashing. Every year, too many of these roadside workers are injured by the sheer inconsideration of motorists.

Under Florida’s law, motorists are required to move over and offer a free lane of space to help prevent collisions with these official roadside vehicles. When drivers are not able to move over a lane, they are required to slow down and travel at least 20 miles under the posted speed limit. The month-long campaign is the result of the more than 170 police officers who have been killed since 1999 while doing their job on the side of the road. Thousands more have been injured in these accidents. Officials are stepping up and fighting back, helping to protect roadside emergency workers.

Our Margate car accident attorneys would like to share the results of that month-long campaign. During the enforcement period, officers issued nearly 70,000 traffic tickets and arrested more than 600 drivers for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Of these busts, officers were able to ticket nearly 25,000 drivers for speeding and more than 1,200 for failing to abide by the state’s Move Over Law, according to results from the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV).

“Law enforcement officers are out there every day working to reduce traffic crashes and fatalities. Motorists need to know the rules of the road…and abide by them,” said Col. David Brierton with the Florida Highway Patrol (FHP).

Brierton added that there have been three FHP troopers hit on the job by passing motorists in just the last three months.

Recent accidents from motorists failing to move over:

-January 14: Trooper Richard Guzman in Hillsborough County.

-January 26: Trooper David Rodriguez in Orange County.

-February 23: Trooper Daniel Morley in Palm Beach County.

Drivers throughout the state are reminded to move a lane away from a stopped emergency vehicle when its lights are on and flashing. When you are not able to move over, you are to slow down and travel 20 miles under the speed limit. When the speed limit is just 20 miles per hour on the roadway you’re traveling, you’re required to travel at 5 miles per hour until you’ve passed the official vehicle.

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