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Florida Nursing Home Abuse – Part 2

In this second half of our “Florida Nursing Home Abuse” blog we will discuss the various signs and symptoms of specific types of abuse. As mentioned in our last blog, the most common and obvious type of elder abuse is physical abuse. Symptoms associated with physical abuse are unexplained signs of bruises, welts, or scars, especially bruises that appear symmetrically on the body. Depending on the physical force of pressure used, broken bones, sprains, or dislocations will also occur. Restrainment, which is another common form of physical abuse used to keep patients confined to their beds, will show signs of black and blue marks around the wrists. Also, become more aware of details, especially items that belong to the victim, such as a pair of eye glasses for example. In the case of eye glasses, look to see if the frames have been bent, or the lenses have been scratched and/or chipped. Something else to consider; always take in the surroundings of where your loved one is being provided for, and keep a mental inventory as to where everything is, or isn’t.

Sexual abuse, which can also show signs of physical abuse can include various bruises around the breasts or genitals as well as unexplained venereal disease or infections.

Neglect caused by the senior’s aide can result in bed sores, malnutrition, weight loss, dehydration, and unsanitary living conditions.

Unfortunately, there are many other forms of elder abuse such as elder financial exploitation and elder health fraud.

If you feel your loved one or friend is experiencing nursing home abuse and or negligence, please contact our West Palm Beach Injury Lawyers for a free consultation and evaluation of your potential case.

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