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Florida Traffic Fatalities Down in 2010 But Motorists Still at Risk of Car Accidents in Fort Pierce, Statewide

The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles’ recently released crash statistics report for 2010 shows a slight decrease in some categories. Although some of the statistics have improved slightly, our Fort Pierce injury lawyers want to emphasize to motorists that it is no time to become complacent about safe driving behaviors because we live in one of the most dangerous states in the country.

Last year, we averaged almost 650 traffic crashes daily in Port St. Lucie, Coral Springs, Hollywood and throughout Florida. This is far too many considering the number of deaths, serious injuries and property damage that result. Many accidents occur because of a drunk or distracted driver, someone who is speeding, or a driver who is driving aggressively. These kinds of behaviors are a danger and often result in a South Florida car accident involving even the safest of drivers. If you are involved in an accident, it is important that you get in touch with an experienced car accident attorney as soon as practical to assist with the complexities of possibly being compensated for any injuries.

The 2010 crash statistics report showed a decrease in crashes by a mere 4.6 percent when compared to 2009. The reported number of deaths went from 2,563 in 2009 to 2,444 in 2010.That’s far better than 2005, when there were 3,533 reported deaths. In fact, in the five years following 2005 there has been a gradual decline in traffic fatalities reported each year with a 30.8 percent improvement through 2010. The number of deaths per 100 million miles traveled was 1.25, which was at an all-time low since recording first began in Florida.

The good news is that the most significant changes in crash statistics for 2010 were in alcohol-related deaths and the number of bicyclists killed in traffic crashes. Alcohol-related fatalities decreased by more than 20 percent reporting 794 in 2010, down from the 1,004 reported in 2009. There were 76 bicyclists killed on roadways in 2010 compared to 99 in the year prior, for a 24 percent change.

Other categories such as drug-related fatalities, pedestrian deaths, motorcyclists or teen fatalities showed very little or no change. In 2010, there were 106 drug-related fatalities in car crashes compared to 113 in 2009. It was reported that almost 4 percent more pedestrians were killed in 2010 than the previous year. There were 26 fewer motorcyclists killed on Florida roadways in 2010 compared to the previous year. The same number of teen drivers lost their lives in 2010, reported at 80, but teen passengers killed in car crashes decreased to 64, approximately 12 percent less than the year before.

The bottom line is motorists should never stop striving to be safer drivers on Florida roadways just because the number of traffic fatalities was slightly reduced for 2010. One death is still too many. We continue to urge motorists to always use caution, especially during the height of tourism season when roadways are most congested.

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