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Florida’s texting while driving problem – similiar to drunk driving?

If you are driving and feel that you are doing something you shouldn’t do, like texting for example, chances are your feelings are correct; it’s that simple. In Florida during the constant rush of our lives, many of us lose sight of common sense practices especially when it comes to driving. Texting while driving is not something you should do…period. For that matter, anything that involves taking your eyes off the road for a second, you shouldn’t do.

While driving, we are constantly distracted by everything from other careless drivers, to pedestrians, to noise pollution, and construction detours just to name a few. So why do people continue to do something wrong such as texting when they know they shouldn’t? The answer – because they can get away with it, that is, until an accident happens. Let’s face the facts; looking at a small screen and pushing buttons while driving will eventually cause a person to get into wreck. Which is exactly why a CNET report shows that texting while driving puts a person in the same danger as drunk driving!

According to a CNET report on texting, a driver is 8 times more likely to be in an accident while texting and 4 times more likely if they are just talking on a cell phone. So that means,according to recent studies, that talking on a cell phone while driving is the equivalent of .08 level of intoxication, and texting while driving puts a person right up there with the same danger as driving drunk.

Senators are seeking a ban on texting while driving. If the ban passes, states that don’t participate in banning texting while driving could lose hundreds of millions of dollars in federal highway funds according to CNET News.

The bottom line, take time to pull over to make your phone call or text message. Or just wait until you get to your destination. It could prevent a serious accident and maybe save lives.

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