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Fort Lauderdale car accidents a danger over Fourth of July Holiday

Authorities will be out in force over the Fourth of July weekend, looking for drunk drivers and other dangerous motorists in an effort to reduce Fort Lauderdale car accidents and serious and fatal traffic accidents throughout South Florida.

While New Year’s frequently gets most of the attention when it comes to drunk driving and dangerous travel, the truth of the matter is that Thanksgiving and the Fourth of July have been the deadliest holidays on the nation’s roads in recent years, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Our Fort Lauderdale injury lawyers urge motorists to drive responsibly and allow extra time to reach their destination. Traffic is expected to be heavy throughout the Fort Lauderdale, West Palm and St. Lucie/Fort Pierce areas.

Nationwide fatal holiday traffic accidents in 2008:

New Year’s: 104

Memorial Day: 370

Fourth of July: 437

Labor Day: 423

Thanksgiving: 439

Christmas: 364

New Year’s Eve: 37

Fatal Florida car accidents occurred most frequently on Thanksgiving and New Years in 2009. But Fourth of July proved third-deadliest, with 30 fatalities. More than half (17) involved alcohol, according to new statistics just released by the Florida Department of Highway Safety.

2009 fatal holiday traffic accidents in Florida:

New Year’s: 34

Memorial Day: 22

Fourth of July: 30

Labor Day: 23

Thanksgiving: 36

Christmas: 28

AAA South has announced a “Tow to Go” program through the holiday weekend. Available Friday through Monday, the program offers rides and tows home from bars or restaurants to members and nonmembers alike.

“No one intends to be a drunk driver, it just happens, whether they’ve had way too many drinks or just one too many,” said Ed Schatzman, senior vice president, Automotive Services, AAA Auto Club South. “Call volume steadily increases every Independence Day weekend and we are happy to get as many drunk drivers off the road as possible so everyone on the road can get home safely to their families.”

Those in need of a ride can call 1-800-AAA-HELP.

AAA also encourages motorists to:

-Select a designated driver before going out to celebrate with friends.

-Program the numbers for several cab companies into your cell phone.

-Always keep some extra cash for a cab ride when you need it.

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