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Fort Lauderdale scooter accidents a winter danger

Scooters accidents in Fort Lauderdale are a common danger during the winter tourist season. In fact, fatal accidents involving scooters and mopeds have more than doubled in recent years, prompting lawmakers in a dozen states to consider legislation aimed at improving safety, the USA Today reported.

Our Fort Lauderdale injury attorneys and West Palm wrongful death lawyers represent clients who are injured in scooter accidents, motorcycle accidents or other accidents involving tourists and/or rented equipment in South Florida.

Scooters, mopeds and motorcycles are often rented by the hour to tourists. In other cases, they are utilized by residents who enjoy the freedom and the economical means of travel. Inattentive motorists are frequently the cause of accidents. And accidents involving scooters and motorcycles often lead to very serious or fatal injuries.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports the number of fatal accidents each year that involve mopeds doubled from 2005 to 2009, from 48 to 96. Those figures likely do not account for all fatalities because of problems associated with classifying scooter and moped accidents in various states.

If motorcycle accidents are any indication, than Florida is a very dangerous state indeed: 1 in 10 of the nation’s fatal motorcycle accidents occurred in Florida in 2008, resulting in 523 of the country’s 5,290 motorcycle deaths. More than 96,000 riders were injured that year in accidents nationwide.

Only California (537) reported more motorcycle deaths than Florida.

The following safety tips are provided by

-Wear safety equipment: Including a helmet. Avoid wearing sandals, short sleeves and shorts. Wear gloves and a jacket made out of tough material.

-Obey traffic laws: Do not run red lights. If the moped does not activate the light, get off and push the sidewalk activator button. Keep to the right side of the road unless making a left turn.

-Remain Observant: Watch your surroundings. Don’t rely upon other motorists to see you. Use your mirrors and remember that the cars behind you can be just as dangerous as those beside or in front of you.

-Use Safe Riding Practices: Ride defensively. Avoid riding at night whenever possible. If you must ride at night, make sure your headlight is operating properly and wear brightly colored clothing.

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