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Holiday Compensation Solicitors in South Florida Personal Injury Law

If you are injured while on holiday in Florida from Canada, Europe, Australia or elsewhere, you may be searching for holiday compensation solicitors in South Florida. reveals Canada has the most international visitors to Florida, followed by the United Kingdom, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia and Germany. An estimated 12 million international visitors flock to Florida each year for our renowned beaches and boating, splashy theme parks and cruises and cosmopolitan cities and resorts. When any of these activities results in injury

Where Can I Find Holiday Compensation Solicitors in South Florida After Injury?

For the most part, the foundation of personal injury law in these nations is very similar (having derived largely from the Old English judicial model), it is important to point out a few key differences. There aren’t technically “solicitors” or “barristers” the way there are in your home country. There are simply lawyers, a term used interchangeably with attorneys. 

This does not mean, however, that all Florida attorneys are equal. You specifically need to find a South Florida injury lawyer who practices personal injury, is successful in that field and has experience managing the unique logistical challenges of working for clients who live abroad.

Common Reasons Visitors Seek Holiday Compensation Solicitor Advice

Some of the most common reasons visitors seek advice from a holiday compensation solicitor / attorney in South Florida include:

Slips, trips and falls. Unfamiliar surroundings, slippery poolsides, wet docks and improperly maintained walkways floors and uneven carpets and rugs can be treacherous. Business owners in Florida are responsible to maintain these sites to prevent an unreasonable risk of hazards that aren’t obvious to guests.

Car accidents. Florida has a higher-than-average rate of drunk driving accidents, bicycle accidents and pedestrian accidents. Nearly 400,000 collisions occur in Florida every year – more than 161,000 causing injuries and nearly 3,000 fatal. Miami, Broward and Orange Counties report the most serious car accidents by far.

Food poisoning. Bacteria tend to grow quicker in warmer climates, and proper food preparation is essential. When food processors and distributors fail to follow these rules, it can result in severe sickness.

Recreational injuries. This could be anything from rock climbing to boating to parasailing to snorkeling. Florida follows the assumption of risk doctrine, meaning when someone is engaged in an activity known to be dangerous, courts may decline to find the defendant liable. This is often compounded if one signs a liability waiver. However, such waivers aren’t bullet-proof, and defendant bears the burden of proof to show plaintiff assumed the dangers of the activity willingly.

Swimming pool accidents. Florida has a reported 1.1 million residential swimming pools, in addition to many public pools and those operated by businesses. It also has the highest rate of drowning deaths in the U.S. for children under 5, with 60 percent occurring in residential pools. Property owners can be found liable for these tragedies in some cases.

Violence. Firearms are heavily restricted in most other countries compared to the U.S. While the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports the national rate of firearms deaths is 11.8 per 100,000, Florida’s is 12.6. Even assaults without deadly weapons can result in serious injuries. In some cases, property owners can be held liable for failing to protect guests and patrons. For example, a hotel that does not provide proper locks on doors to guest rooms can be held responsible in a premises liability claim. Nightclub owners can be held liable for violence if there was a history of violent acts at the site and no action was taken. The key in premises liability cases is foreseeability, and whether the defendant reasonably could have anticipated the violent act in question.

Know that while your South Florida holiday compensation solicitor (attorney) can help answer questions about your case in a free initial consultation, you should not fear that your case is void if you share some portion of the blame. Florida operates under a pure comparative negligence standard, meaning if you’re partially at-fault, you aren’t barred from filing a claim, though your damage award can be partially reduced.

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