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Motorcycle Awareness month aimed at reducing West Palm Beach motorcycle accidents

A letter from Governor Rick Scott has declared May as Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month. Actually, it’s a national awareness but motorcycle enthusiasts in Florida are particularly vulnerable as officials work to reduce the risk of West Palm Beach motorcycle accidents.

We gave recognition to Bike Week back in March on our South Florida Injury Lawyers Blog in hopes of getting motorists and motorcyclists to share our roadways in harmony.

Fort Lauderdale motorcycle accident lawyers once again want to urge all drivers to ensure the safety of everyone by being safer drivers.

For the first time in over a decade motorcycle fatalities were reportedly down in 2009 according to the Governors Highway Safety Association. Florida dropped by over 100 deaths from 2008 to 2009. It is too early to tell but with surging fuel prices and recovering economy whether the state will again see an increase in motorcycle fatalities for 2011.

The message is clear for Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month which is “Share the Road with Motorcycles.” Naples News offers the following safety tips for drivers who want to avoid colliding with a motorcycle:

-Check mirrors and blind spots by physically turning your head before making turns or changing lanes.

-Allow at least a 3 to 4 second distance between you and the motorcycle in front of you in order to allow ample time to stop in emergency situations.

-Sharing a lane with a motorcycle is dangerous so always allow a full lane width for them to travel in.

-Turn signals on motorcycles are not self-canceling so never trust that a bike is turning until you actually see it making the turn. On the flip side, be sure to use your turn signal to indicate to other drivers that you are turning or changing lanes.

-Don’t get distracted or react to other aggressive drivers on motorcycles. Stay in one lane and let the aggressive driver go around you to avoid a road rage incident, which could lead to serious injury.

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