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Our Fort Lauderdale Injury Attorneys Invite You to Join Elevator and Escalator Safety Week

Elevator and escalator accidents in Fort Lauderdale and elsewhere throughout Florida can be complicated for a victim who is seeking proper compensation after an accident. These accidents can be the fault of the device’s manufacturer, the property owner or the inspection agency. Unfortunately, faulty elevators put us at serious risks for injury on a daily basis as many of use ride them every single day. We step on to these elevators oftentimes without the thought of the potential dangers we’re facing. Both elevators and escalators are required to undergo rigorous inspections and to be serviced regularly. Unfortunately, many are not.

Our Fort Lauderdale escalator and elevator accident lawyers understand how much maintenance these devices require. Day after day they transport thousands and thousands of pounds. Unfortunately, many of them are not properly maintained. Steps on escalators can come loose, elevator cables can become strained, flood hazards after heavy rainfall create risks for slip-and-falls, doors can jam, and clothing, fingers and arms can get caught in these devices. Elevators can plummet down the shaft, or their doors can open in a section of the building where there is no landing, causing a serious fall hazard.

Elevators and escalators have to be inspected by a certified inspector at least once every six months. To help raise awareness about the importance of safe-riding on elevators and escalators, the Elevator Escalator Safety Foundation is holding another National Elevator Escalator Safety Awareness Week. This year’s awareness campaign will be taking place from November 13th through the 19th.

The week-long campaign is used to raise awareness about the need for safe equipment and to recognize the contributions that have been made by these devices to our quality of life.

In the United States, there are about 600,000 elevators and 30,000 escalators. These two devices help to transport nearly 600 million riders every day. Every year, more than 100 billion people ride an elevator and about 90 billion people use an escalator. They’re used every day to provide us with convenience and quick travel.

Every year, approximately 30 people are killed and another 11,000 are injured on these transportation devices. Accidents can result in pinches, bone fractures, nerve and tendon lacerations ,and even death.

Injuries can happen when:

-Either of the machines get stuck.

-An elevator misses a floor.

-Escalators are not moving at an adequate speed.

-When elevators do not open at a level even with the floor.

-During jerky movements on either device.

-Elevator riders get stuck in the doors.

-Elevator doors open to an empty shaft.

-Elevators plummet down a shaft.

If you would like to join the National Elevator Escalator Safety Awareness campaign, you’re urged to fill out a volunteer form. The foundation will provide you with all of the material you will need to help get you started in making a difference and helping to save lives.

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