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Pedestrian Accident in North Fort Pierce Kills 60-Year-Old Woman

According to the Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) a fatal pedestrian accident in North Fort Pierce took the life of a 60-year-old as she tried to walk across U.S. 1 from St. Lucie Boulevard. Reportedly, the woman was crossing the street just before 7 p.m. when she was hit by a passing vehicle.

St. Lucie County Fire Rescue reports that the woman was transported to a local hospital where she was later pronounced dead. The fatal pedestrian accident is still being investigated by the FHP, reports News Channel 5. It has been confirmed that this was not a hit-and-run accident.

As we’ve previously discussed on our South Florida Injury Lawyers Blog, Florida was ranked as the most dangerous state in the U.S. for pedestrian accidents. Florida metro areas ranked in the top four spots for the most dangerous metro areas in the nation. In a nine-year study conducted by Transportation For America, the nation saw more than 45,000 pedestrians killed in traffic-related accidents across the country. During this same time period, Florida witnessed more than 5,000 of these pedestrian fatalities. These accidents cost our state well over $22 billion. What’s unfortunate is that many of these accidents are preventable with a little bit of driver and pedestrian awareness and courteousness.

According to See The Blind Spots, nearly 10 pedestrians die in the state of Florida every day. Six pedestrians are seriously injured in traffic-related accidents every day. The pro-pedestrian website, See The Blind Spots, also reports that 11 of the 25 most dangerous metro areas for pedestrians are in the state of Florida. More than 60 percent of the time, drivers are at fault in these fatal, traffic-related pedestrian accidents. There are a number of factors that contribute to these crashes, including driving under the influence, texting, speeding, failing to yield and even turning into the path of a pedestrian. While vehicles may be getting smarter, drivers, apparently, are not.

Pedestrian Safety Tips from See The Blind Spots:

-Remember to stay attentive and alert to surrounding traffic. Even pedestrians should refrain from engaging in distractions. Don’t cross the street until it’s safe in all directions.

-Always obey pedestrian traffic signals.

-Always look left, right and left again. Only when it’s clear in all directions should you begin crossing the street.

-As you’re crossing the street, continuously look for oncoming cars and vehicles that are turning “right on red.”

-Never assume an approaching driver can see you.

-Whenever there’s a sidewalk, use it. When sidewalks are not available, walk on the left side of the road facing oncoming traffic.

-Never attempt to cross an interstate, highway, expressway or turnpike.

-When out walking at night, you should always carry a flashlight or wear reflective tape on your clothing.

-Watch the alcohol you consume if you plan on walking. Drunk walking is dangerous, too!

-Always supervise children when crossing a road.

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