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Premise liability injuries in Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, a Spring Break concern

In our Spring Break 2011 series we have been reporting on topics like distracted driving, alcohol-related accidents, and teen driving accidents. The fourth topic in our series is premises liability injuries, which are a serious danger for students and families who are visiting Florida for Spring Break. Owners of resorts, hotels, restaurants and night clubs have a responsibility to keep their patrons safe and free from personal injury accidents in Miami, Fort Lauderdale or elsewhere in the state.

The Fort Lauderdale personal injury attorneys at Freeman, Mallard, Sharp & Gonzalez understand the many circumstances that may result in the owner of a business or property being held liable for injuries sustained in an accident.

Due to the high volume of people vacationing during a small time frame, hotels, local businesses and restaurants may have a difficult time keeping up with safety issues. A few examples of accidents that may occur and could be considered negligent are slip and falls, pool injuries, elevator or escalator injuries, blockage of the fire escape, or balcony collapse.

These types of accidents can often lead to broken bones, spinal cord injuries or head trauma. Owners and managers have an obligation to maintain all areas of their property, as well as any rental equipment, in order to keep serious injuries or fatalities from happening.

The following are safety tips for patrons to use to avoid personal injury on Spring Break:

-When checking into the hotel, take note of all emergency exits and stairwells so you know their proximity in location to your room, pool, restaurant, or areas most occupied.

-When dining at local establishments, stay away from areas that are freshly mopped or under construction.

-Alert property management if maintenance issues are detected on escalators and elevators. Take the steps when possible to avoid entrapment.

-If the hotel pool or local beach is overly crowded, pick a less populated area. If this isn’t possible, come back at a later time.

-When renting equipment, make sure someone on staff checks the equipment and properly trains anyone intending to use the equipment.

It is recommended that hotels, local businesses and night clubs keep their properties safe by providing the following safety to patrons:

-Enhance security by placing several guards throughout the property during the weeks of Spring Break from March to mid-April.

-Maintain all areas of your property. Place signage for any areas under construction or maintenance, or being cleaned (bathrooms and lobbies).

-Rental equipment should be maintained and functioning properly with routine safety checks.

-Have one or more lifeguards on duty during peak times.

-Never serve alcohol to underage teens.

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