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Red-Light Runners Causing Serious Accidents in Tamarac

Green = Go.
Yellow = Slow Down.
Red = Stop.

It’s a simple concept, but many drivers just don’t seem to be getting the hang of it. For this reason, officials with the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) are working to raise awareness about the risks of intersection accidents and the importance of stopping on red.

Every year, the month of August recognizes National Stop on Red Week. During this time, officers across the country work to target drivers who fly through intersections on red. Not only are they putting other motorists at risk, they’re putting pedestrians and bicyclists at risk, too. There’s nothing you’re going to gain from running a red light, except many a minute or two on your trip. It’s definitely nothing to risk your life over.

Our Tamarac car accident lawyers understand that red-light running accidents are completely preventable. The problem is that many drivers are in too much of a hurry and toss safety out of the window. As a driver in the state of Florida, you have a responsibility to drive responsibly, to practice your safest driving habits and to stop at all red lights.

“Troopers will take the appropriate enforcement action on those driver who place themselves and others in danger by running red lights,” said Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) Director Col. David Brierton.

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) launched a red-light running program back in 1995 to help to educate drivers about the dangers of this irresponsible driving habit. The program was also launched to work to increase enforcement at a grassroots, community level.

Drivers have an obligation to follow safe road laws. Many of these laws involve abiding by traffic control devices. With traffic lights, drivers are assumed to know when to make the appropriate maneuvers. Do you know?

To help you to navigate your way safely through our state’s intersections, officials with the FHP offer your the following safety tips.

Red-Light Safety Tips:

-Remember that intersections come with some serious dangers. If your lane’s light is green, you should still look in all directions for other red-light runners. You should do this when you’re a motorist, a pedestrian and even a bicyclist.

-Never speed through a yellow light. When your light turns yellow, apply the brakes and safely come to a stop before you reach the intersection.

-Remember that when you run a red light, you’re running the risks of more than a traffic citation. You run the risk of an accident, injuries, death, hospital bills, hiked insurance rates and even some serious irreversible consequences.

-Make sure that you obey the posted speed limit. This limit was created so that you can safely navigate our streets, and safely stop at a red light when needed.

-Never tailgate other vehicles. Sometimes, drivers may slam on their brakes when the light turns yellow. Rear-end accidents are also common at intersections. Allow yourself with plenty of time to react to other driver’s maneuvers.

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