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Risks for Injury in Boynton Risks for Injury in Boynton Beach and Elsewhere High during Spring Break 2012!

A student from the University of Tennessee was killed in a recent Spring Break accident in Florida. The senior was trying to make this last Spring Break in Florida count. Unfortunately it was cut short after a dive into the ocean took his life. The senior and his friends were hanging out on the beach all night and were waiting for the sun to rise when the accident happened. The college senior ran towards to ocean and dove in, but the tide was out and he misjudged the depth.

After the dive into the water, his friends noticed that he wasn’t moving and was just floating in the water. They called 911. The Spring Breaker was transported to the hospital where he was pronounced brain dead. The senior was set to graduate with a degree in Environmental Studies in May.

Our Boynton Beach injury lawyers understand that our beaches are packed with Spring Breakers during this time of year. Many of these out-of-town visitors can be found at local hotels, condominiums, restaurants, out on the water and laying poolside. During this time, we need to address safety precautions of all kinds to help keep pedestrians, motorists and bicyclists safe on our roadways. We also need to raise awareness to help prevent slip and fall accidents, escalator accidents, swimming pool accidents, rental Jet Ski and parasail accidents, etc. We’re asking all residents and visitors to celebrate this year’s Spring Break festivities safely.

To help keep all Spring Breakers safe, the Florida Travel & Tourist Bureau offers these tips:


-Never drink too much.

-Know before the festivities begin how much you’re going to drink.

-Never drive after drinking.

-Always have a designated driver.

-Keep an eye out for “rape” drugs and never let your drink leave your sight. Never accept a drink from someone you don’t know.


-Always lock your door.

-Look through the door’s peephole before opening it.

-Never leave valuable items in your room.

-Always travel through a hotel or motel with a buddy.

-Never pack on to an elevator. If an elevator is full, take the stairs or wait for the next one.

-Never climb on balconies or sit on the railings.

Personal Safety:

-Never drink too much.

-Never travel alone.

-Never go with someone you don’t know.


-Always wear the proper sunscreen.

-Check rental company’s certifications and equipment before renting.

-Be sure to drink plenty of water.

-Never swim alone.

-Be cautious of currents.

-When you see a storm brewing, get out of the water. Never stay on the beach if you see lightning.

-Be cautious of traffic near the beach. Some beaches even allow cars on them. Watch out!

If you or someone close has been injured or killed in a Fort Lauderdale accident during Spring Break, contact the South Florida personal injury attorneys at Freeman, Mallard, Sharp & Gonzalez. Call today to set up a free and confidential appointment to discuss your case. Call 1-800-561-7777.

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