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Slipped on Wet Floor Injury South Florida

Unintentional falls are among the leading causes of accidental injury in the state of Florida. According to data published by the Florida Department of Health, falls are the leading cause of death for people over the age of 65. During the year 2012 alone the economic impact of unintentional fall accidents was in excess of $3.6 billion statewide. The median medical admission charge was more than $46,000.

The circumstances leading to a slipped on wet floor injury in South Florida vary widely from case to case. They might involve employees of the business, customers or invited guests on private property. The most common injuries that resulted from unintentional falls during the year 2012 included:

  • Hip fractures,
  • Traumatic brain injuries,
  • Lower extremity broken bones,
  • Neck or vertebrae fractures,
  • Torso fractures, and
  • Contusions

Approximately 78 percent of injuries related to slips and falls in 2012 happened in or near a home or other residential location. The most common types of slip and fall injuries were same-level falls while falls from beds, stairs or ladders were also common in Florida. In all of these cases, it may be possible for the injured party to secure compensation with the help of a workplace injury attorney.

Recent Client Slipped on Wet Floor Injury

One recent client of Freeman Injury Law was employed at a large grocery chain store, the name of which will remain confidential. After hours, employees of the chain stay to stock shelves with new products that are delivered. One night, a gallon of water fell from a pallet and wet the floor. As this was happening, our South Florida client was turning the corner carrying a box of items. He did not see the wet floor and he slipped on the surface and fell onto the ground on his side. He immediately felt a strong pain on his left side and back. His co-workers witnessed the fall and his supervisor drove him to the hospital that evening where he was diagnosed with fractured ribs and a low back injury.

The injured employee missed several days from work and when he returned he was still in pain. He asked his employer to provide him with continued treatment but he was ignored for weeks. That’s when he came to Freeman Injury Law for help from a workplace injury attorney. He told us about what was going on and we immediately reported his accident to the Florida workers’ compensation system. The workers’ comp insurance company for his store began an investigation.

When the insurance company representative called our client’s store manager for details, the manager said our client did not get hurt at work and opined that he must have fractured his ribs from “sneezing.” The insurance company denied our client’s claims based on this ridiculous story and our attorneys were compelled to move the case forward.

As we moved into the litigation phase, we were able to secure the video surveillance from the night of the accident and it showed our client slipping on the wet floor and falling onto his back. We took statements from co-workers who witnessed our client’s fall and we even set the deposition of the store manager who drove him to the hospital the evening of the fall, the same manager who had denied our client’s experience. It took a lot of investigation but the team at Freeman Injury Law was able to get information from the hospital records that proved our client had been brought to the emergency room by the store manager. Additionally, there was another co-worker in the vehicle on the evening the manager drove our client to the hospital and we secured an admission by that co-worker that our client was hurt and driven to the hospital.

In these situations, it is important to act fast. Taking the statements of all of the potential witnesses and securing the medical records and conducting a swift investigation gave us all of the necessary evidence to secure a favorable judgment for our client. Before a trial was conducted, the grocery store conceded their error and paid all of our client’s medical bills. They also compensated our client for the time he was out of work and agreed to provide him with ongoing treatment for his back injuries. Shortly after, Freeman Injury Law was able to secure a large settlement for our client for a confidential sum.

Workplace Injury Attorneys in South Florida

Unfortunately, we cannot always assume our employer will do the right thing in a situation where their employee clearly slipped on a wet floor on the job. Even when they do, the insurance companies are looking out for their best interests. At Freeman Injury Law, our only job is to look out for your best interests and do everything we can to ensure you receive fair and just compensation.

In a case where an employee slipped on a wet floor resulting in an injury, an injured party might be able to bring claims based on a theory of premises liability. A South Florida workplace injury attorney may be able to help by developing a case to demonstrate negligence on the part of the property owner or by gathering medical records and other documentary evidence to establish the value of the claim. The workplace injury attorneys at Freeman Injury Law might be able to negotiate settlement on behalf of the client or argue for a monetary award in civil court. If you were injured from slipping on a wet floor at work, please call us at 1-800-561-7777 to set up a free consultation.

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