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Fort Lauderdale Spring Break Injuries — A Concern for All

The month of March brings visitors from around the world to our South Florida beaches. Unfortunately, many beachgoers are unaware of the risks that are involved with a day at the beach.

Take riptides for example. These tides are strong undercurrents that have the ability to carry you out to sea. Swimmers are urged to stay away from calm, murky waters that have wave action on either side. If you get caught up in a riptide, don’t panic. Your best bet is to swim parallel to the shore and ease your way out of the current. Swimming perpendicular to the current won’t get your very far and it will only tire you out.

Our Boca Raton injury attorneys understand that riptides may be the least of some spring breakers worries, but the truth of the matter is that they’re some of the most serious risks. In addition to that, we’ve also got to be on the lookout for underage drinking, date rape as well as pedestrian and bicycle accident risks. It might be all fun and games, but it’s important that we keep safety in mind during our fun-in-the-sun festivities.

Underage Drinking:

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevented (CDC), close to 40 percent of high school students have consumed some amount of alcohol in the last month. To make it even worse, more than 20 percent binge drank, close to 10 percent drove after consuming alcohol and about a quarter have rode with a driver who had been under the influence. Just because our teenagers can’t legally purchase and consume alcohol, it doesn’t mean that they won’t.

Date Rape:

Another important issue during spring break is date rape, but more specifically date rape through rape drugs. Drug-facilitated rape typically involves the use of a the “date rape drug” and/ or alcohol. It’s alarmingly common. According to recent studies with The Center for Women and Families, alcohol is the number one drug used to facilitate a sexual assault. To help to avoid these circumstances, make sure that you never accept a drunk from an open container or from someone you don’t know. You never want to leave your drink unattended. It’s not even a good idea to have someone you know watch it for you. Always keep it with you, in your possession and in your line of sight. Don’t think putting a napkin over your glass protects you from date rape drugs. Keep your glass in your hand at all times.

Pedestrian and Bicycle Accidents:

It’s South Florida — we all want to be outside in the warm sunshine. This is why we have a lot of bicyclists and pedestrians along our roadways. Year round, but especially during this time of the year, we see a lot of pedestrian and bicycle accidents. Make sure you’re keeping an eye out for these travelers. Many of them may not be familiar with the area. Stay one step ahead of them — not only to help to keep them safe, but to help to keep yourself safe as well.

Have a wild spring break, but have it safely.

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