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Defective Child Products Common Cause of West Palm Beach Child Injuries

Keeping children safe is a number one priority for parents and our personal injury lawyers in West Palm Beach take the matter so seriously and continue to stay updated on child product recalls.

Manufacturers have a responsibility to test and put their product through certain safety measures before being sold to the public. Still, far too many products are found to be dangerous or defective each year — usually after someone is injured or killed. We want to remind you to seek qualified legal help if your child has suffered serious injury from a child product defect in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, or elsewhere in the state. Medical costs and personal suffering can be insurmountable in situations like these so it is important that you know your rights.

Lately, it seems child product recalls have been announced fast and furiously. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission continually reports on product defects so that consumers can be informed and prevent suffering injury. The CPSC has reported the following important child defective products recently:

-Infant bed-side sleepers manufactured by Arm’s Reach Concepts are being recalled for hazards with entrapment, suffocation, and falls. There have been 10 reported cases to date where an infant has fallen from the raised mattress and became entrapped between the mattress and side of the sleeper.

-Troy activity trucks manufactured by Infantino are being recalled for a potential choking hazard. Plastic beads on the truck have been found detachable, which can cause children to choke if placed in their mouth. To date, there have been 28 incidents reported, two of which children were found gagging on the plastic beads.

-Pogo Sticks manufactured by Bravo Sports are being recalled due to the high risk of injury while using the stick. The frame tube found on the bottom of the pogo stick can break or come apart which exposes the pin holding the spring in place. Breakage of the pin or spring causes serious fall threats or lacerations while playing with the stick. There have been 123 incidents reported including several incidents involving a tooth being chipped or knocked out completely.

-Water walking balls manufactured by several brand or ride names are being recalled for a high risk of suffocation and drowning. The water-related recreational activity involves climbing inside a big rubber ball while walking on water, ice or grass. There is no emergency exit and the ball can only be opened by someone on the outside. There are only two reported incidents but both were seriously injured inside the plastic ball.

The CPSC encourages any victim who has been injured or has experienced a dangerous product to call the Hotline at 1-800-638-2772 to report the defective product. For more information on consumer product recalls visit the CPSC website. Consumers are reminded that it is illegal to sell or attempt to sell recalled products but if you have experienced an injury from a defective product contact legal counsel immediately.

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