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Accident on the Florida Turnpike Kills Pedestrian

A recent traffic accident on the Florida Turnpike has taken the life of a pedestrian.

According to the Florida Highway Patrol (FHP), the pedestrian was hit by multiple cars during the early-morning accident. It all happened in the northbound lanes right by Southwest 40 Street. All of the cars that were involved remained at the scene of the accident. Morning rush hour traffic was rerouted. The pedestrian wasn’t carrying any identification with him and officials have not identified him yet. None of the motorists involved suffered any injuries.

Our Palm Beach pedestrian accident lawyers understand that pedestrians throughout the South Florida area face some serious risks for traffic-related accidents. Unfortunately, Florida continuously ranks as one of the top states for these kinds of accidents. Within the state, our area is ranked as one of the most dangerous for pedestrians year after year. Many of these accidents can be avoided by one of two things; more driver awareness and smarter pedestrian travel. We’re here to offer both parties some travel tips to help to reduce the risks.

Travel Tips for Pedestrians:

-Make your moves predictable. You never want to walk along freeways or any restricted zones.

-Whenever there is a sidewalk, use it!

-Only cross the streets where it’s legal. Use an intersection or a crosswalk.

-Walk so that you’re facing oncoming traffic.

-Dress so that drivers can easily see you. Wear brightly-colored clothing.

-When walking at night, make sure you have a flashlight and you have reflective tape adhered to your clothing.

-Make eye contact with passing drivers before you try to cross the road. Most drivers are actually pretty nice. The problem is that they’re not always paying attention.

-Just as you shouldn’t drink and drive, you should never drink and walk. Consuming alcohol hinders your ability to walk safely.

-Be super careful when your crossing higher-speed, multiple-lane streets.

Travel Tips for Motorists:

-Remember that pedestrians are everywhere here in Florida, even in areas where they’re not supposed to be. Always be alert.

-Sometimes pedestrians can be hard to see, especially at night and in bad weather. In these conditions, slow down and look out!

-When you approach a sidewalk, slow down and be ready to stop.

-Always stop for pedestrians in a crosswalk, even if it’s not marked.

-When stopping at a crosswalk, make sure that your car is behind the white lines.

-Never overtake or attempt to pass vehicles that are stopped for pedestrians.

-When turning, be on the lookout for pedestrians who are crossing the street you’re turning on to.

-Pay extra attention when traveling near neighborhoods and schools!

If we all work together, we can help to reduce the risks of traffic-related pedestrian accidents. We can all make Florida safer for all travelers.

If you or someone you love has been injured or killed in a pedestrian accident in Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, Port St. Lucie or elsewhere in the area, the South Florida injury attorneys at Freeman & Mallard are here to offer assistance and to help your to fight for your rights. Call today to schedule a free and confidential appointment to discuss your rights. Call 1-800-561-7777.

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