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Risks of Injury in St. Lucie Lessened with Launch of Yellow Dot Program

As our St. Lucie injury attorneys previously reported, the state of Florida is proudly participating in the Yellow Dot program.

This program has participants place a yellow dot sticker on the bottom left corner of a driver’s back window. If this car is involved in an accident, emergency responders know that there’s a folder containing important personal and medical information in the glove box of the vehicle. With this information readily available to emergency response teams, car accident victims can be treated quicker and their chances of surviving an accident are greatly increased.

Sometimes victims can be in shock after being involved in an accident. During these times, a lot of victims find it difficult to remember information that emergency response teams need. In other cases, they are incapacitated by injury.

With the sticker on the car and the folder in the dash, response crews can have immediate access to important medical information that can help them to better treat victims.

Our St. Lucie car accident attorneys understand that the Yellow Dot program is now being launched throughout the St. Lucie County Area. Officials with the American Red Cross, St. Lucie Medical Center, Lawnwood Regional Medical Center and the St. Lucie County Health Department are helping to kick it all off. If you would like to join the program, you’re urged to visit any of our St. Lucie County fire stations or any of the American Red Cross locations, according to the TC Palm.

It’s really easy. All you have to do is stop by one of the participating locations and pick up a Yellow Dot packed. Inside this packet are the necessary medical forms and a yellow dot sticker. Fill out the forms, put them in the glove compartment of your car and put the yellow dot sticker on your vehicle (lower left corner of the rear window). Then emergency response teams will be better able to assist you should you ever be involved in an accident.

The Yellow Dot program was first launched back in 2002 in Connecticut. Now, there are a number of counties in eight different states that have started their own Yellow Dot programs. They’re each a little bit different, but they all have one goal in mind — saving lives!

The Florida Yellow Dot program is also asking drivers to pay attention behind the wheel. Officials are asking drivers to keep both of their hands on the steering wheel and to keep their eyes on the road ahead. Although talking on a phone and/or text messaging while driving has not yet been banned in the state of Florida, officials are asking drivers to refrain from doing so. There should never be a reason to hold a phone while driving. If you absolutely have to make or take a phone call while you’re driving, officials ask that you use a 100 percent hands-free in-vehicle speaker phone system or a “car dock.”

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