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Antilock Brakes: Reducing Risks of Fatal Motorcycle Accidents in Hollywood and Elsewhere

Motorcycle accidents in Hollywood are less likely if a motorcycle has antilock brakes, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). The institute recently released a new brochure for consumers to inform riders about this safety feature. The newly released pamphlet, “Motorcycle ABS: Why you want to ride with it” informs riders all about the safe braking system, including how they work, what specific benefits they provide to riders and why they’re safer than traditional brake systems.

The IIHS has created this pamphlet for vendors and safety advocates to hand out at motorcycle shows, rider training events and other motorcycle-related venues. The IIHS is encouraging motorcycle riders to consider this new safety technology. The brakes already come standard on some bikes, while others offer it as an upgrade option.

Our Hollywood motorcycle accident attorneys understand that motorcyclists face serious dangers and risks on our roadways. Traffic accidents involving our two-wheeled friends oftentimes turn deadly because riders have much less protection than occupants of passenger-vehicles. We need to travel cautiously around these vulnerable drivers to help to keep everyone safe on our roadways. Motorcyclists are urged to check out the new pamphlet to see if antilock brakes are right for you.

“Research shows that motorcycle antilocks dramatically cut the risk of a deadly crash,” says Institute president Adrian Lund.

Braking on a motorcycle is no easy task. Braking in a passenger vehicle is much easier and much safer. Most motorcycles have two different brake controls, a brake for the front tire and a brake for the back. Either of these wheels can stop spinning and lock up when a biker brakes hard. When braking hard on a passenger car, it may skid when tires lockup. When tires lock up on a motorcycle, a driver can lose his or her balance and fall, which can turn fatal in an instant.

With antilock brakes, motorcyclists can brake without the fear of their tires locking up. This brake system reduces braking pressure when the tires are about to stop and increases it when traction is again restored between the tire and the pavement. This system only steps in when it senses that the wheel is about to stop spinning and lock up.

Motorcycles with this type of technology are nearly 40 percent less likely to be involved in an accident than a rider with the same model bike without the brake system. According to the Highway Loss Data Institute, there has been a reduction of more than 20 percent in the number of insurance claims from bikers with the antilock brake system.

More than 400 motorcyclists died in accidents in 2009. More lives can be saved with the use of antilock brake technology.

You can request a copy a of “Motorcycle ABS: Why you want to ride with it” by sending an email now.

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