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Companies Urged to Prepare for Black Friday Rush to Reduce Risks of Injury in Margate

Injuries in Margate are likely to happen if a company doesn’t properly prepare their stores for this year’s Black Friday sales events. Black Friday is the biggest shopping day of the year and thousands of residents and visitors will be flocking to local retail center to snag some extra savings.

The Occupation Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is offering companies safety tips to help keep employees and customers safe during this year’s shopping rush. Companies are required to keep grounds safe for all visitors. In 2008, someone died during a Black Friday sales event. Each year, an untold number of consumers are injured by falling merchandise, on slippery floors and in darkened parking lots.

Our Margate injury attorneys understand that shoppers are on the hunt for excellent bargains and Black Friday is the perfect day to get some super deals. We would like to remind shoppers to keep the spirit of the holiday season in mind and to be courteous to other shoppers. Business owners are required to keep grounds safe, meaning they’re required to take the proper safety precautions to eliminate hazards and risks for accidents.

The name Black Friday started in Philadelphia. It was originally used to describe the heavy and disruptive vehicle and pedestrian traffic which would take place the day after Thanksgiving.

Company owners and supervisors are urged to consider the following recommendations to help handle the sale-seeking crowds and to keep everyone safe this Black Friday:

-Have trained security guards, police officers or crowd management personnel on hand.

-Be sure that all employees are designated to a specific spot in your store. Make sure that you have enough workers on hand to assist customers.

-Make sure that employees are trained to handle large crowds.

-Make sure that all local police departments and emergency responders are aware of your event.

-Ensure that your company has the proper licenses and permits.

-Designate an employee to contact emergency officials in the event of an accident.

-Make sure your store is signed clearly, pointing out the locations of hot sale items, opening and closing times, restrooms, check-out counters, etc.

-Address dangers and procedures regarding overcrowding, violent acts, fires and crowd crushing.

-Set up rope lines and barricades to help direct customers.

-Keep an eye on your building’s maximum capacity limits. Do not exceed.

-Keep employees at the entrances and exits of your stores.

-Keep walkways clear of congestion.

-Make sure employees are on hand to explain entrance procedures to customers before entering.

-Make sure that employees have an effective way to communicate should something happen.

-Trying using an internet lottery, tickets or wristbands to help distribute hot items.

-Keep shopping carts and other potential obstacles out of walkways.

-Remind everyone of the entrance process shortly before opening your doors. Make sure your employees are aware of this information as well.

-Keep employees on the sides of walkways instead of in the center of a path.

-Try using more than one entrance, if possible, to eliminate the rush.

-Make sure that shoppers with disabilities have a safe way to enter and exit your store.

-Never block your exit doors.

-Always have first-aid kits and Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) on hand.

Black Friday doesn’t have to be a dangerous day. With the proper precautions, shoppers can get some deals and store owners can get through the day without any headaches. Everyone is urged to be courteous to one another and celebrate the kickoff of the holiday shopping season safely.

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