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Car Insurance Costing You Big? Tips to Help Lower Your Premium!

Men are paying more than women for car insurance. Typically, male drivers are involved in more car accidents, more DUI accidents and more traffic stops than female drivers, according to Yahoo.

“Men traditionally have been paying more for decades,” said the Insurance Information Institute’s (III) Loretta Worters.

Our Wilton Manors injury attorneys understand that car insurance can be difficult. You want to make sure that you’ve got coverage that suits your needs at a cost that you can afford. It can be tough sometimes with so many options and so many companies. But having enough coverage is critical in the event of a serious or fatal accident.

According to the “Sex of Drivers Involved in Crashes 2000-2009” study conducted by the National Department of Transportation, male drivers were involved in about 18 million more car accidents than their female counterparts.

We all want to save some money and we want to be protected. Read and review discount options to help you to get the most for your premium. Remember that you’re going to have to shop around to find the best policy. You should know that not all insurance companies offer these discounts. Just do your homework and make sure you go in sufficient knowledge.

Common Car Insurance Discounts:

-Get older. As you age, insurance companies recognize that your risks for car accidents decrease. One of the biggest drops in insurance costs happens when a driver turns 25. This is when companies feel that you’ve matured enough and you’ve gained enough driving experience to drive safely.

-Drive less. Drivers who don’t drive very much are oftentimes offered lower premiums. The less you drive, the lower your risks for a car accident. !

-Pay up front. Drivers who pay for their policy in advance are oftentimes offered a discount. This means that the company gets their money and you eliminate the risk for late fees. Everyone wins in this situation.

-Take some classes. The more driving experience and certifications you have, the better the driver. One of the popular classes that can offer you a discount on your insurance policy is the Defensive Driving Course.

-Bundle your insurance. If you insure your home and other items with the company, bundle the policy. Companies like to keep customers and will reward your for staying with them.

If you have been involved in a car accident, contact the personal injury attorneys at Freeman & Mallard for a free and confidential consultation. Call 1-800-561-7777.

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