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Palm Beach Traffic Safety: Drivers Behaving Badly, Even Without Distractions

You can take the cell phone away from the driver, but it’s probably not going to help make them much safer. According to a recent study published in Accident Analysis & Prevention, cell phone-using drivers are going to behave badly behind the wheel no matter what.

In the recent studies, researchers looked at more than 100 drivers and their habits without a phone. These drivers were divided into two groups; those who use cell phones often behind the wheel and those who rarely do. According to ScienceNow, drivers who oftentimes talk on their phone behind the wheel are nearly as prone to a car accident without the device. Officials think that this is why state laws banning this behavior have had little effect on accident rates.

Our West Palm Beach accident lawyers understand that distracted driving car accidents take the lives of thousands each and every year. As a matter of fact, there were more than 3,000 people who were killed in these kinds of accidents in just 2010.

Drivers have the ability to completely avoid these accidents and save lives. Drivers continue to take their hands off of the steering wheel and their eyes off of the road and jeopardize the safety of not only themselves but innocent motorists as well. No phone call or text message should be worth it!

In the study, both groups of drivers were given a Volvo SUV that was equipped with devices to record their in-car habits. There were on-board sensors, cameras facing in and out of the car, skin and heat monitors and even eye trackers.

The drivers who were considered frequent cell phone-using drivers were observed engaging in more dangerous habits behind the wheel. They were more likely to speed, to change lanes more often, to step on the gas more and to brake abruptly, compared to the drivers who didn’t usually use a cell phone behind the wheel.

“The fundamental problem may be the behavior of the individuals willing to pick up the technology,” said Bryan Reimer, a leader of this study.

It’s clear that cell phones hinder a driver’s safe driving habits behind the wheel, but the fundamental problem is that drivers might just be dangerous to begin with.

Unfortunately, we’ve got bad drivers with and without cell phones here in the state of Florida. There are still no laws on the books in the Sunshine State banning drivers from using these devices behind the wheel. We’re asking you to do what’s right and to leave the phone and to focus on your safe driving habits instead. These habits can help to keep you safe and out of a potentially fatal car accident.

And, of course, drive defensively because you never know what the driver in the next car is doing.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a car accident, contact the personal injury attorneys at Freeman & Mallard for a free and confidential consultation. Call 1-800-561-7777.

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