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Baby injuries caused by infant walkers have shrunk has the standards for these child products have tightened. Fewer people are using them and product designs are more stringent. However, a new study has found that despite this, there are still thousands of baby injuries every year, supporting the stance of may child safety, health and advocacy groups that these products should be banned. 

It’s not a new position. For instance, the American Academy of Pediatrics has been pushing for a ban on these devices as far back as 1982, when concerns among health care professionals was first raised.

West Palm Beach defective product injury attorneys have noted many of the product liability lawsuits filed against manufacturers and distributors have founded their claims on theories of strict liability (unreasonably dangerous when used as intended), negligence (defective design, defective manufacturing and failure to warn) and breach of express and implied warranties concerning safety. Continue reading →

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As we near the greatest gift-giving season of the year, we do recognize toys can be of great benefit to children, helping them to develop, learn and explore. However, they are also a source of serious injury.

A new report published in the journal Clinical Pediatrics indicates the number of toy-related injuries among children has risen sharply in the last two decades. Today, a child is rushed to an emergency room every 3 minutes for treatment of a toy-related injury.

In fact, researchers for the Center for Injury Research and Policy at Nationwide Children’s Hospital found more than 3.2 million children were treated in U.S. emergency rooms for toy-related injuries from 1990 through 2011. More than half of these instances involved children under the age of 5.

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In the first federal lawsuit against Boston Scientific Corp. over its defective vaginal mesh product, the company has been ordered by jurors in a Miami federal court to pay nearly $27 million to four Florida women who say they were injured by the medical devices.

Although the company faces some 23,000 lawsuits over the problem, only a handful have gone to trial. Of the three that have thus far gone to trial, the first two, in Massachusetts, resulted in victory for the company. The third, in Texas, resulted in a $73 million verdict for the plaintiff, though that award was later reduced to $34 million per state-mandated damage caps.

The Miami verdict represents the first federal case to go to trial. Another began in West Virginia shortly thereafter. The judge who oversaw the case, U.S. District Judge Joseph Goodwin, is overseeing more than 65,000 vaginal mesh lawsuits against seven companies that make the device.

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