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Courts are reticent to allow the introduction of evidence pertaining to insurance coverage in accident cases. The reason is that unless it is somehow pertinent to the cause of the crash or extent of the injuries, it can be prejudicial to a jury. 

For example, if jurors know that a certain defendant has no insurance, they may decline to impose a significant award of damages to the plaintiff – knowing the defendant is going to have to come out-of-pocket for that expense. Similarly, if jurors had knowledge that a defendant had a sizable insurance policy, they may be inclined to impose a heftier damage award – because they know the insurance company can pay.

Courts prefer to simply take it out of the equation.

In the recent Maryland case of Perry v. Asphalt & Concrete Servs., Inc., a pedestrian was struck and severely injured by a dump truck wherein neither the driver nor the vehicle had the proper liability coverage. But was this fact admissible?  Continue reading →

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The family of a 16-year-old aspiring model in Texas has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against adult property owners of a deer camp and a group of teens.

According to news reports, the girl was killed in late July after being ejected from a utility task vehicle (UTV) during a 3 a.m. ride on the property. Authorities said the teens were consuming alcohol throughout the day and playing drinking games. They had been out riding earlier, and someone suggested they go out again in the middle of the night.

The operator of the UTV in which decedent was riding made a sharp turn at a fork in the road. This caused the vehicle to slide and roll, smacking the edge of a dirt road and pitching right. Decedent was ejected 20 feet from the vehicle, striking her head and body on the ground. Continue reading →

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