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Construction accident attorneys in Orlando have been following the recent report of a tragic accident in which two workers died after falling seven stories from collapsed scaffolding at a hotel under construction near Disney.

Local news media reported four workers were standing on the scaffolding while working on a JW Marriott hotel when it collapsed, seemingly without warning. Two construction workers – ages 34 and 46 – fell, one was able to hold on and the fourth managed to climb to safety. The men were pouring concrete at the time of the tragic incident.

Construction site injury lawyers use the term “accident” in these scenarios loosely because the reality is while such occurrences certainly are not intentional, they are nonetheless preventable. There are extensive industry standards and safety protocol where scaffolding is concerned. When followed to the letter – which employers, contractors and property owners have a duty to do – the risk of a collapse is almost non-existent.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) makes those standards clear. The federal agency will be launching an investigation into this Orange County construction accident to ascertain exactly where this project when so horribly wrong. Workers injured in Orlando construction accidents (or survivors of those killed) need to know they may have numerous options for financial compensation. Although the physical and emotional pain of such losses is profound, it’s also true that the monetary impact can be devastating. Continue reading →

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